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Seniors for Seniors Success Stories

Ed and Felicity

Ed and Felicity

When Ed’s wife passed away from cancer, he felt “very lonely.” A retired manager with the Vallejo school district, he was no longer sure how to fill his days. His daughter, Tracy, brought him to Muttville to meet Felicity, a spunky poodle in need of a home.

Felicity came to Muttville from a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles, where her time was almost up. “She was going to be executed,” Ed reveals. On the day he and Felicity first met, she was looking particularly classy. Her foster mother had her dressed in a colorful sweater with gingham bows on her silky ears.

The name Felicity means “great happiness,” which nicely sums up Felicity’s personality. She gets along with everyone, including other animals. Ed’s home in Vallejo has a large, fenced-in backyard with a koi pond and vegetable garden. At first, Felicity didn’t know what to do with herself in such a luxurious environment, but now, she loves running through the yard, chasing squirrels like a “Sergeant-at-Arms.”

“She doesn’t pull it off very well,” Ed jokes. Even the squirrels can tell she’s friendly.

Ed calls Felicity “the missing link.” Her warm spirit fills his days and makes him laugh. When it’s time for bed, Felicity makes sure Ed knows it. She beats him into the bedroom every night for their special routine. Once they"re both tucked in, Felicity rolls over onto her back. Then Ed strokes her belly while she falls into a happy sleep.

Ed and Felicity Ed and Felicity

A Senior Dog Needs...

... a walk every day.

See Spot run (or walk) daily and you both will keep fit!

... regular check-ups at the vet.

Take Fifi for a thorough exam every six months to prevent and detect health problems.

... a balanced, nutritious diet.

As Max gets older, his organs will not digest poor quality food as well. A low fat, high protein diet and smaller, more frequent feedings will make his stomach happy.

... good dental care.

Use quality pet food and take Rover for annual cleanings to prevent plaque build-up, gingivitis, gum disease and tooth decay. You can even try brushing his pretty smile with beef-flavored toothpaste!

... consideration for aging joints.

Ramps and step stools will help get Princess in the door and up to her favorite spot on the couch, while supplements can help soothe arthritis pain. Warm blankets and cozy dog coats will help regulate her body temperature and ward off aches in cold weather.

... proper grooming.

Buster has a full beauty regime: Ears should be cleaned monthly during his bath. Hair and fur should be brushed and trimmed regularly. Nails should be trimmed periodically. Fire hydrant red nail polish optional.

... sleep.

To keep Bella looking and feeling great, she will need her sleep and plenty of it! Comfortable, orthopedic beds, plenty of blankets and a quiet spot to nap any time of day will be much appreciated.

... more frequent bathroom breaks.

Ruby will need to go to the bathroom more often. Make time in your schedule or be sure to find a walker to accommodate numerous outings.

... to watch their weight.

As his activity level decreases and his metabolism slows, obesity can become a major problem. Learn about his breed and talk to your vet right away if Rocky starts to gain too much weight.