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Sheba 2284 Sheba 2284
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Ladybug 2283 Ladybug 2283
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Panda 2282 Panda 2282
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Nacho 2281 Nacho 2281
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Maggie 2278 Maggie 2278
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Trinket 2276 Trinket 2276

How to adopt a Muttville dog

Happily ever after. That’s our goal: a happy human and happy dog living together in a “forever home.”

We’ve created a simple process that helps us achieve a good match between the dog and the adopter. The adoption procedure involves these steps:

1. Complete an application.

2. Interview with one of our volunteers.

3. Have a home inspection and get-acquainted meeting with the pet.

Muttville adopts out to loving homes all over California. If you see a dog on our website or meet one at an adoption fair that you are interested in getting to know, please complete our online adoption application. One of our volunteers will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you prefer, you may email, but this will delay the adoption process.

Muttville charges an adoption fee of $200 for each dog that helps to cover spay/neuter surgery, shots, and other medical and general care given before the dog is made available for adoption.

Because we want to create the best possible match, we offer a two-week trial adoption period during which everyone can assess if the adoption works for the dog and his or her new family. If you decide not to keep your dog within this two-week period, we’ll happily take him or her back.

Disclaimer: Some details about our dogs might have changed before we’ve been able to update our website. When we get in touch with you, we will have the most current information. Also, information about our dogs is based on the best of our knowledge, but we can make no guarantees about the dog’s health or temperament.