Squirrel 4698

Squirrel 4698


Breed Chihuahua
Gender Female
Size Toy (under 6 lbs)
Neutered Yes
Status In Muttville's Fospice Program


Meet Squirrel! This adorable, tiny little Chihuahua comes to us all the way from Fresno where she was found as a stray. This sweet pup loves to cuddle, meet new dogs, and make friends. We are still getting to know her, but we can tell what a lovely best friend she’ll make already!

Squirrel is 13 years young and weighs 4.6lbs.

Due to Squirrel’s advanced age and heart disease, she is available for adoption through Muttville’s hospice care program.

Here’s what her foster has to say about her:

Squirrel has really blossomed as she has become comfortable in my home. She’s independent, playful, quirky and also very quiet! She is happy to sleep on your lap or be in your vicinity checking out what you’re doing. She’s happy to travel with you in her carrier. She can walk a mile, no problem, and likes to explore. She likes to be walked a bit and to explore but doesn’t need a lot of walking. She is great with other dogs too. She is house-trained and will use potty pads if left in a confined space. Her fur feels like a fox, she attracts attention wherever she goes.

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After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Squirrel 4698 is living life to the fullest in our “Fospice” (Foster-Hospice) Program, under which one of our special foster families has provided her with a loving home and the very best possible end-of-life care. Please wish Squirrel 4698 well!

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