Fluffernutter 5012
Fluffernutter 5012 Fluffernutter 5012
Suzie Q 5010
Suzie Q 5010 Suzie Q 5010
Chester 5011
Chester 5011 Chester 5011
Dolma 4955
Dolma 4955 Dolma 4955
Shoshone 5003
Shoshone 5003 Shoshone 5003
Patrick 4504
Patrick 4504 Patrick 4504
Mandy 4999
Mandy 4999 Mandy 4999
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Starla 4997 Starla 4997
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Join us!

Join Muttville for a Thanksgiving walk at Fort Funston!

Thursday, Nov 24
12:00 - 3:00PM

Fort Funston
NW corner near the port o’ potties
San Francisco

Celebrate with Muttville on Thanksgiving Day!

All humans with their dogs can join. We would love to see Muttville alumni as well!

Please meet us at noon at Fort Funston in the parking lot. We will be at the north west corner near the port o’ potties.

Weather permitting!