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Success Story Sophie (aka Jessie 3686)

Success Story Sophie (aka Jessie 3686)

Thank you Sundari for sharing the sweet story about Sophie’s lucky day:

Sophie Finds a New Home

On April 23 we made the long trek to Muttville from Mill Valley in the hope of taking home a new little friend named Ginger whom we had admired on the website. Unfortunately for us, by the time we got there she had been adopted by another lucky family. We were still missing our beloved Maggie (a beautiful black and gold kelpie) who had left us just 2 1/2 months earlier and it was hard to imagine that anyone would really be able to take her place. Somehow looking at all the other furry friends there at Muttville just made us feel her absence even more acutely.

We met two adorable dachshunds and several other really sweet older dogs. But we kept noticing one very tiny little chihuahua with a pretty pink collar who kept to herself and seemed to just want to sit in a little patch of sun looking off into space. Just as we were thinking maybe…. a little girl snatched her up with delight and it looked like she was suddenly taken. But the dear volunteer who helped us (Mary) said, “Don’t give up. Just wait and see. If she puts her down, she’s yours.” A little while later, her tiny paws hit the floor and we found ourselves signing papers.

The amazing Muttville staff sent her off with a bed, a blanket, a collar and leash and a supply of home-cooked dog food. What an amazingly kind and caring group of people they are! We were a little nervous because little Sophie seemed so distant and aloof – never looking us in the eye or showing any interest in her new family. But a ride back home snuggled on her new mom’s lap got us thinking she might just be the perfect new friend.

Little by little we all realized that she IS absolutely perfect. She is so affectionate – an amazing little bundle of love! She has taken over Mom’s home and is a little princess who wins the heart of everyone who meets her. Dogs are so special. So often she completely changes the feeling in a room just by walking in. And her welcoming dance when we come for the weekend is really something to see. She flies around in circles or leaps through the air like a little ballerina.

One of her favorite pastimes is helping Mom down the hall with her walker. Sophie’s idea of helping is seeing how many times she can dart in and out of the walker as Mom walks. And she can often be found sitting at Mom’s feet or even parked right under her wheelchair.

We are so glad we found Sophie and so grateful to Muttville for giving this wonderful little girl another chance to brighten up someone’s life.

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org

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Success Story "Pickles" (aka Paquena)

Success Story "Pickles" (aka Paquena)

Pickles shows us that it is never too late for a new beginning… or to find your hidden talent! Enjoy Pickles’ success story! Thanks to mom Lexi for sharing:

Howdy Muttville! I just wanted to write a quick note, and let you know I was doing well. My new family adores me…of course, cuz I’m the cutest! Funny thing, my new Mommy put me straight to work. She has me painting…who’d of thought?! She instinctively knew I was a master artist under all this cuteness, I guess. Well, I let her take the credit because she makes really great dog food and gives the best belly scratches. So, it’s only fair that she get the artistic credit. Aren’t I the sweetest?! Anywho, I hope all my fur buddies are doing well & finding good homes! I know she secretly stocks your site still. She keeps taking about a Bellisima. I hear she looks a bit like me too…hmmm.

Sending love & kisses,

Pickles (formerly Paqueña)

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org

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Success Story Jules #3207

Success Story Jules #3207

Mutt mom Shery tells us today is Jules’ adopt-a-versary. We’re celebrating today by featuring their love story. Jules has quite the humor! Enjoy:

It’s been almost one year since Muttville gave me my new name and a forever home. I am SO GRATEFUL. You see, I was a 9 year old mini poodle that was found as a stray in the Bay Area, and I had a few “issues,” some requiring surgery. Muttville took me in and saved me, and my new family is so very happy to have me as their “baby.” They are “sort of” old folk….well, they might not like me saying that, as they are not even retired, but they miss their children and grandchildren, as they live far away. I have brought much joy into their lives, just by being me!

There were a few adjustments at first. They had 4 cats that I had no problem with at all, but the cats sure weren’t happy to see me. We are mostly friends now, though. I am just so easy going and friendly, and I always try to please. My Mom and Dad say I am the sweetest little thing, and they love me so much.

I get to travel with my family, too. Mom works part time, and I get to go with her to her job at a small airport. Once I even got to fly in a small plane to visit relatives in Southern California. Mom said I was “near perfect” when we stayed in a hotel once, too.

One special thing Mom and I did together was get some special training so I could be a “Therapy Dog.” That means that I get to go into hospitals and care homes and visit sick and elderly people. The people there all love to see me, and I love to see them, too. Mom tells me all the time how special I am to lots of people! Thank you so much Muttville for allowing me to get to do new and fun things with my forever home in my “golden” years!

Something that happened recently was that my Dad saw a little black puppy two days in a row on a busy street near our home. He finally convinced Mom that we should pick him up and try to find his home. Mom tried very hard to find who he belonged to, but nobody seemed to want him, so guess what…………I now have a brother. Mom really didn’t want a puppy, and that’s why Muttville Senior Dog Rescue was chosen to find me, but “Victor” needed us, and is fitting in, and most of the time, I like to have him around. I do have to “snap” at him occasionally when I am tired of playing with him, but he is an okay puppy, and I like having a brother. Mom likes to tell the story that I used to be fussy about what I’d eat. She thinks I was just given table scraps or had to scrounge for food, and she wanted me to eat healthy (and expensive) dog food. Well, now that Victor is here, I eat whatever is put down for me, because if I don’t, Victor eats it first! Mom likes it that I am no longer fussy about what I eat!

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org

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Success Story "Carolina"

Success Story "Carolina"

Happiness! Lori’s sweet update about Carolina is gonna make you smile:

Dear Muttville,

We are celebrating five months now with our sweet Carolina.

“Sweet Carolina… (bum bum bum)… good times never seemed so good!”

Since joining our family in March she’s been doing great, and had all kinds of adventures, including an Easter egg hunt with the cousins, lots of baseball games, short hikes and slow evening strolls, and lots of Sunday night dinners at Nana and Nonno’s house. She enjoys following mom to every room in the house, napping by my side while I work from home, guarding the door, and sampling a wide range of doggie treats from the kind folks at PetCo.

She makes us smile every day. Thank you for rescuing her so we could bring her home. We think she likes it here!

(Although she might not like our singing.)

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org

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Success Story Bonnie (aka Barbie)

Success Story Bonnie (aka Barbie)

Greetings from Bonnie from her new home – and country:

I just want to thank you for helping us find Bonnie (former name Barbie) a year ago. She is the sweetest most loving dog and she loves her brother Otto.

My husband and I are both from Sweden, and a couple

weeks ago we moved back to Stockholm with the dogs.

Bonnie loves her new country and to run free in the forest.

Thank you for doing an amazing job saving seniors!


Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org

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