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Success Story "Kelce" aka Ginger 3720

Success Story "Kelce" aka Ginger 3720

Today is International Day Of Peace, and Ginger’s story told by mom Shannon is a perfect tribute on this special day:

When had to put my dog Andy to sleep in February, I began wondering how long I should wait to get another dog. I always knew I wanted to rescue a senior dog and after about a month I would look at your website daily trying to find the perfect dog. Well I found her!! I adopted Ginger, (now named Kelce after my favorite football player) in April. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I already love this little girl!! She is the coolest dog!! She had been through a lot in the months before I got her, so she was understandably apprehensive when we first got home. But Kelce is adjusting just fine. She still surprises me daily with new cute little traits and seems to trust me more and more as time goes on. She’s completely housetrained, hasn’t had one accident in the house, she does the cutest little thing with her paws if you’re scratching her belly and stop, and she gets along great with the 2 German Shepherds that live with us, Moe Joe and Ruby.

I look so forward to going home and having Kelce there to greet me, she gets so excited, runs in circles and chases her tail. She even stands on her hind legs and moves her front paws up and down in the air. She’s adorable! She loves walks, going for car rides, sleeping in bed with me and is learning that she’s a San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Chiefs fan!

Thank you so much Muttville!! No dog could ever replace my little “Andy man” but Kelce has already stamped her own permanent spot in my heart and we are having so much fun together. Everyone tells me that she’s so lucky to have found a home with me and my response is always.. “I’m the lucky one”.


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Success Story "Mr. Jones"

Success Story "Mr. Jones"

August 15 was the 2 year adoptiversary of Mr. Jones! Mara and Dow tell us about the mutt love of their lives:

It is our 2 year adoptiversary of Mr. Jones (fka Indigo)! Found as a stray in Santa Cruz with hair so matted he needed to be sedated to be groomed, we are daily and forever grateful for the efforts of everyone who looked out for him along the way. For me, knowing that so many people are involved with rescuing a homeless animal alleviates some of the frustration and anger I often feel towards those who put them in their tough situations in the first place. There are many bright lights shining in the dark…

I’ve included a few photos from the past few months, including bathtime with “Cousin Millie” and sightseeing in Morro Bay!

Thanks, again, for ALL you do. We love Mr. Jones and we love Muttville!

- Mara and Dow

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Success Story Jeannie 3093

Success Story Jeannie 3093

Thanks to mutt parents Natalie and Andy for sharing Jeanie’s one year update:

She has truly become our partner in crime, our best friend, our sidekick, our favorite shadow. She’s healthy and we hope happy. Her favorite things to do are go for rides in the car, nap on our pillows and sit on our heads, lick our hands while we type on the computer (she’s doing it right now), and sniff the big garbage can outside of the seafood restaurant we live near. She actually loves cars so much she has jumped into strangers’ cars on walks when their doors were open!

She also looks like a different dog. She’s fluffy and has put on some weight. She is 7 pounds of the most adorable and courageous chutzpah. She is really nothing like the sad, lost, and patchy dog we brought home last year. She’s a confident fluffy rockstar now.

We had a birthday party for her in June to celebrate her one year adopt-aversary and over 20 friends showed up to celebrate her and shower her with love and treats (she’s become somewhat of a celebrity in the Oakland music scene… her dad takes her to his recording studio so she gets to hang out with cool bands all day).

There was a rough patch with the house training and with bigger dogs but its all worked itself out. She hasn’t gone potty in our house in about seven months and we’ve learned to avoid big dogs!

We love her very very much and want to thank you for all of your help with adopting Jeanie and for bringing her into our lives. Thank you also for your support during those rough early weeks.


Natalie and Andy

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Success Story Scooby 2251

Success Story Scooby 2251

Scooby was in Muttville’s Fospice Program, where he found his amazing parents. Thank you Tina for sharing with us a glimpse of Scooby’s beautiful last day with you:

After a wonderful year and a half, Scooby passed peacefully last week. He was home with a belly full of cheeseburgers and our song “God only knows” by the beach boys playing with him in my arms.

We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to be in his life, although it was a short time, it was the best thing we’ve ever done. He was so loved!

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Success Story Sophie (aka Jessie 3686)

Success Story Sophie (aka Jessie 3686)

Thank you Sundari for sharing the sweet story about Sophie’s lucky day:

Sophie Finds a New Home

On April 23 we made the long trek to Muttville from Mill Valley in the hope of taking home a new little friend named Ginger whom we had admired on the website. Unfortunately for us, by the time we got there she had been adopted by another lucky family. We were still missing our beloved Maggie (a beautiful black and gold kelpie) who had left us just 2 1/2 months earlier and it was hard to imagine that anyone would really be able to take her place. Somehow looking at all the other furry friends there at Muttville just made us feel her absence even more acutely.

We met two adorable dachshunds and several other really sweet older dogs. But we kept noticing one very tiny little chihuahua with a pretty pink collar who kept to herself and seemed to just want to sit in a little patch of sun looking off into space. Just as we were thinking maybe…. a little girl snatched her up with delight and it looked like she was suddenly taken. But the dear volunteer who helped us (Mary) said, “Don’t give up. Just wait and see. If she puts her down, she’s yours.” A little while later, her tiny paws hit the floor and we found ourselves signing papers.

The amazing Muttville staff sent her off with a bed, a blanket, a collar and leash and a supply of home-cooked dog food. What an amazingly kind and caring group of people they are! We were a little nervous because little Sophie seemed so distant and aloof – never looking us in the eye or showing any interest in her new family. But a ride back home snuggled on her new mom’s lap got us thinking she might just be the perfect new friend.

Little by little we all realized that she IS absolutely perfect. She is so affectionate – an amazing little bundle of love! She has taken over Mom’s home and is a little princess who wins the heart of everyone who meets her. Dogs are so special. So often she completely changes the feeling in a room just by walking in. And her welcoming dance when we come for the weekend is really something to see. She flies around in circles or leaps through the air like a little ballerina.

One of her favorite pastimes is helping Mom down the hall with her walker. Sophie’s idea of helping is seeing how many times she can dart in and out of the walker as Mom walks. And she can often be found sitting at Mom’s feet or even parked right under her wheelchair.

We are so glad we found Sophie and so grateful to Muttville for giving this wonderful little girl another chance to brighten up someone’s life.

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Success Story "Pickles" (aka Paquena)

Success Story "Pickles" (aka Paquena)

Pickles shows us that it is never too late for a new beginning… or to find your hidden talent! Enjoy Pickles’ success story! Thanks to mom Lexi for sharing:

Howdy Muttville! I just wanted to write a quick note, and let you know I was doing well. My new family adores me…of course, cuz I’m the cutest! Funny thing, my new Mommy put me straight to work. She has me painting…who’d of thought?! She instinctively knew I was a master artist under all this cuteness, I guess. Well, I let her take the credit because she makes really great dog food and gives the best belly scratches. So, it’s only fair that she get the artistic credit. Aren’t I the sweetest?! Anywho, I hope all my fur buddies are doing well & finding good homes! I know she secretly stocks your site still. She keeps taking about a Bellisima. I hear she looks a bit like me too…hmmm.

Sending love & kisses,

Pickles (formerly Paqueña)

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Success Story Jules #3207

Success Story Jules #3207

Mutt mom Shery tells us today is Jules’ adopt-a-versary. We’re celebrating today by featuring their love story. Jules has quite the humor! Enjoy:

It’s been almost one year since Muttville gave me my new name and a forever home. I am SO GRATEFUL. You see, I was a 9 year old mini poodle that was found as a stray in the Bay Area, and I had a few “issues,” some requiring surgery. Muttville took me in and saved me, and my new family is so very happy to have me as their “baby.” They are “sort of” old folk….well, they might not like me saying that, as they are not even retired, but they miss their children and grandchildren, as they live far away. I have brought much joy into their lives, just by being me!

There were a few adjustments at first. They had 4 cats that I had no problem with at all, but the cats sure weren’t happy to see me. We are mostly friends now, though. I am just so easy going and friendly, and I always try to please. My Mom and Dad say I am the sweetest little thing, and they love me so much.

I get to travel with my family, too. Mom works part time, and I get to go with her to her job at a small airport. Once I even got to fly in a small plane to visit relatives in Southern California. Mom said I was “near perfect” when we stayed in a hotel once, too.

One special thing Mom and I did together was get some special training so I could be a “Therapy Dog.” That means that I get to go into hospitals and care homes and visit sick and elderly people. The people there all love to see me, and I love to see them, too. Mom tells me all the time how special I am to lots of people! Thank you so much Muttville for allowing me to get to do new and fun things with my forever home in my “golden” years!

Something that happened recently was that my Dad saw a little black puppy two days in a row on a busy street near our home. He finally convinced Mom that we should pick him up and try to find his home. Mom tried very hard to find who he belonged to, but nobody seemed to want him, so guess what…………I now have a brother. Mom really didn’t want a puppy, and that’s why Muttville Senior Dog Rescue was chosen to find me, but “Victor” needed us, and is fitting in, and most of the time, I like to have him around. I do have to “snap” at him occasionally when I am tired of playing with him, but he is an okay puppy, and I like having a brother. Mom likes to tell the story that I used to be fussy about what I’d eat. She thinks I was just given table scraps or had to scrounge for food, and she wanted me to eat healthy (and expensive) dog food. Well, now that Victor is here, I eat whatever is put down for me, because if I don’t, Victor eats it first! Mom likes it that I am no longer fussy about what I eat!

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Success Story "Carolina"

Success Story "Carolina"

Happiness! Lori’s sweet update about Carolina is gonna make you smile:

Dear Muttville,

We are celebrating five months now with our sweet Carolina.

“Sweet Carolina… (bum bum bum)… good times never seemed so good!”

Since joining our family in March she’s been doing great, and had all kinds of adventures, including an Easter egg hunt with the cousins, lots of baseball games, short hikes and slow evening strolls, and lots of Sunday night dinners at Nana and Nonno’s house. She enjoys following mom to every room in the house, napping by my side while I work from home, guarding the door, and sampling a wide range of doggie treats from the kind folks at PetCo.

She makes us smile every day. Thank you for rescuing her so we could bring her home. We think she likes it here!

(Although she might not like our singing.)

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Success Story Bonnie (aka Barbie)

Success Story Bonnie (aka Barbie)

Greetings from Bonnie from her new home – and country:

I just want to thank you for helping us find Bonnie (former name Barbie) a year ago. She is the sweetest most loving dog and she loves her brother Otto.

My husband and I are both from Sweden, and a couple

weeks ago we moved back to Stockholm with the dogs.

Bonnie loves her new country and to run free in the forest.

Thank you for doing an amazing job saving seniors!


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Success Story "Bo" #109

Success Story "Bo" #109

Sometimes, the best memorial is sharing that one moment forever etched in our hearts. Sharon lovingly shared with us her moment wit Bo, who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

I still cry thinking about him. I remember when my daughter and I picked him up outside Muttville. Later that day we took him to some park (I don’t remember the name) off leash and he followed without hesitation. My daughter, her friend and their dogs went up a hill. I walked straight, not much of a hiker. Bo looked up at them, looked at me and followed me.

He was off leash from the first day we met. He stuck so close to me that I had to walk around the dog parks for him to get any exercise. If I didn’t walk, neither did he. He wasn’t much of a cuddle buddy but managed to steal my heart anyway. When we saw Bo at an adoption event in Marin, I said no because he wasn’t interested in anything and went under a table. Evidently, my daughter saw something special and adopted him for me. I was like, what part of “no” don’t you understand? She knew if he made it home with me, he was in his forever home, no matter what. I wouldn’t give up on him. Gradually, the worried look he had in his eyes from his Muttville photo went away and he was enjoying his life again. I’m thrilled I was able to give him that. I’m thrilled I was able to witness that!!

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Success Story "Cooper" 3683

Success Story "Cooper" 3683

Diana may be a new fospice mom, but as a volunteer with Muttville’s vet suite team, she’s gained experience with many senior dog health issues, which prepared her for Cooper! Enjoy the story about their wonderful adventures…:

Cooper, my fospice dog, is a success story in progress. I was at the right place at the right time to see this big goofy messy labradoodle take his first steps into Muttville, fresh from transport. He was an owner surrender at an animal shelter, with a request to be euthanized.

I’ve learned a lot of things since I started volunteering at Muttville. One of them is to not jump to judgment when a dog has been surrendered by their owner. Sometimes, there’s a very difficult story behind the why. I remember to give extra thanks and gratitude for what and who I have in my life, especially when I can bring a new dog into my world.

Cooper is that new dog. He has an oral malignant melanoma. This means he has a cancerous mass on his mouth. Cooper arrived at Muttville two months ago and after his intake exam was identified as a fospice dog. I decided to foster this big goofball for a few days while a potential fospice family considered taking him in. It didn’t work out for them and Cooper, and I stepped in to be his fospice mom.

Cooper is my third big black senior dog. After losing my second senior last November, taking long strolls lost their meaning and it was hard to go back to the beach with out my four-legged buddy in tow. Cooper, with all his energy, helped me make up for lost time.

Cooper is an athlete, and loves a good walk, especially up hills. To satisfy his yen, we do uphill neighborhood walks around Buena Vista Park and Corona Heights. Cooper isn’t a slow walker, with time and consistent training I got Cooper to advance from tugging to fast pace walks and now loose leash walks. Good boy Cooper! Thanks to Cooper, I’ve lost weight and am back on the beach again. And thanks to Cooper, there is never a dull moment when we explore Lands End and Golden Gate Park. He gets many compliments from locals and tourists, “What a handsome boy!” and “He must be a puppy, how old is he?” I like to think my first two seniors sent Cooper my way, for the win.

Based on available medical records, Cooper received his original melanoma diagnosis over a year ago. With his Muttville veterinary exam and biopsy, it’ s confirmed the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes. I am taking a palliative approach to his care. While he’s outlived the “average” survival rate for this aggressive form of cancer, (estimated at 3-6 months, and dependent on numerous variables), I’m focused on making sure he has the best quality of life possible.

One of my neighbors said “You must like to hurt your heart”, when she heard I took on a fospice dog. I’m sure fospice parents out there understand how startled I was when I heard this. It would hurt my heart far more if this vivacious happy dog didn’t have a home when I could give him one. It’s hard enough for a big black senior dog to find a home, let alone one with a cancer diagnosis. The joy I get from seeing Cooper inhale the sky from the car window, run on the beach and his cuddles is more than I can ask for. Cooper deserves the time of his life, everyday until he has to cross the Rainbow Bridge. It’s a gift to be the one to help him live out his journey with lots of love, treats and belly rubs.

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Success Story "Honey B" (aka Bijou)

Success Story "Honey B" (aka Bijou)

These are the kind of updates that make our hearts sing! Honey B is living life! Enjoy this update and photos from mom Regina:

Dear Muttville, sending a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt Honey B (previously Bijou) several weeks ago. She is a precious, sweet and devoted doggie and gets along so well with my ‘homeless no more’ big kitty, Sammy. Her orthopedic disabilities do not stop her from exploring her new home and yard. She has a high tech stroller for going on walks and takes periodic pit stops!

Muttville is such a wonderful organization, matching older doggies with new homes where they can be loved and adored and give love to their new family.

Most sincerely,


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Success Story Felicia

Success Story Felicia

Fospice life should be about enjoying life to its fullest. That is exactly what fospice mom Gina gives her girl Felicia every day. We’re so darn happy to bring you this wonderful update! Read about Felicia’s adventurous life, as told by mom Gina:

Felicia and I have been having a great time and you would never know that she is sick.

She gets along great with the other animals and knows when the horses and cows are out to stay clear and to not go into the pasture.

We walk every morning and afternoon. 3 days a week we go to Half Moon Bay for early AM boot camp workout at 5:15 am and she hangs out in the car while I do a 1 hour workout.

This last weekend was quite busy as we had 40 horseback riders come to the ranch to do some trail riding. One person brought her two poodles along and Felicia and the poodles got to ride along in the gator which all three enjoyed with a little girl riding in the back with them, who enjoyed holding Felicia. Felecia kept giving her licks.

When, we go places in the car, I notice that she knows where we are going by smelling the air from the vents. She is very smart. When, I ask her to go potty, she goes and when I tell her “down” or “go get it”, she goes!

Last week, she saved my cat from a fox that him cornered. She saved the cat by chasing the fox away. The cat and her became better friends after this event and now hang out and sleep together which is really cute.

I take Felicia with me to work when I can and everywhere that I go. This weekend with all of the people that met her, they loved her and couldn’t believe that I have only had her less than a month and she has adapted so well to her new home and that she listens to me. I lost my voice so I have been using hand signals and whistle with her and she listens great.

Thank you, again for bringing Felicia into my life.


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Success Story "Cesar #1770"

Success Story "Cesar #1770"

One of our most unforgettable rescue stories was Cesar. His mom Hilary pays tribute to their wonderful life together:

When I say his name, when I look at his pictures, when I think about him, it just always produces such huge warmth. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more cheerful, funny, and endearing dog!

Cesar has had several big loves in his life time and I feel the luckiest in being his final and maybe strongest one. Cesar’s inner beauty was beyond glorious, his sweetness never waned, and his undying devotion to me saw both of us through to the end this afternoon.

Although I have the honor of saying to the world that Cesar was MY dog, he really was a true Muttville dog in that he represented everything that this rescue group stands for. I was only one of many admirers of Cesar who was able to look beyond the outwardly unusual look he had about him, the rickety little walk, the round odd body that was so hug-gable and squeezable, the big eyes that had seen so many things in a lifetime. I know there was a “Super Cesar Fan Club”, but I have to say, hands down that I was the president and CEO of that club.

Thank you all for your kind words over the past three years and the appreciation expressed over my adopting what turned out to be a dog of a lifetime!

Tonight I tuck Cesar into my heart and know you will too….


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Success Story "Marco" 3527

Success Story "Marco" 3527

Sometimes we reach out to help those who need us. And they end up helping us. Thank you Marianne for sharing your heartfelt story:

Marco came to me early February, I was only going to foster him. But, when I took him back to Muttville for the weekend adoptions I knew in my heart that I couldn’t let him out of my life. Marco was blind is left eye, and the right eye had a very advanced cataract, basically making him a blind dog.

All my human emotions reached out to this little guy..I marveled at how he got around in a new environment, especially the stairs. He never seemed to get upset or even frustrated when he bumped into wall or a pole on a walk. He was so giving of his trust and love, instead of me saving him and taking care of him he was teaching me acceptance, trust and a nonjudgmental love. Marco’s right was evaluated and the retina was good enough for a lens replacement..on March 25th he had a successful surgery.

What is Marco like after surgery? Well, he doesn’t bump into poles, goes up and down stairs better than me and and often gives a passersby a very vocal greeting while sitting on the front porch. He is a little 12 pound poodle with one good eye but, who he is hasn’t changed but, I do believe I have..I hope I see the world through Marco’s eyes and open loving, trusting heart.

This is “our” success story.

Marianne and Marco

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Success Story "Silas"

Success Story "Silas"

Fond memories of Silas from mom Heather. Thank you for sharing your love story:

Dear Muttville,

It has taken me several months to write this letter because writing it means that I am finally letting go of a great joy. I adopted Silas in August of 2013 and didn’t have much hope for him. He was big, hairy, blind, and practically toothless. His stomach was always irritated and his bowels sensitive. The first week he came to stay with me, the vet said he probably had throat cancer and would likely be euthanized. Well, Silas fooled us all! Not only did he not have throat cancer, but with the right diet and supplements, he rallied and flourished.

Silas was an easy-going old man who was a favorite among visiting dogs, people, and his own housemate cats, George and Julius. He was an SPCA calendar dog, featured as the month of May in their yearly calendar fundraiser. But mainly, Silas was a friend. Together, we played blind hide n’ seek where I could “hide” in plain view and he would find me as I called his name. Kind of like Marco Polo on land. He kept me company on our slow walks around the block, and his snoring lulled me to sleep at night.

Over time, Silas became more and more confused. “Doggy dementia,” the vet said. When he couldn’t find his way to his favorite basking spot in the grass, I knew it was time to let him go. I’ve never had to make that decision for a pet before. I know it was the right one for Silas, but saying goodbye is never easy. He crossed the rainbow bridge in July of 2015.

I would like to thank everyone at Muttville for allowing me to adopt Silas and make him a part of my family. He was my furry black thundercloud of happiness for two years. Even now, on really quiet nights while I lie in bed with a thousand thoughts swirling around, I can hear a gentle snoring coming from the floor. Though he’s gone, Silas’ sweet snoring still reminds me of what a blessing he was to my life. And I will cherish the memories forever.

Thank you,


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Success Story "Royal" 3638

Success Story "Royal"  3638

Who knew Royal could get any cuter? An awesome forever family proved there was room for more happiness – and cutness:

Dear Muttville:

May 28 was Royal’s 8-week adopt-a-versary and we are having a little party to celebrate.

Royal (aka Big Boy; my Little Man; Lovebug) has been a wonderful addition to our family.

He and big Sis, Fiona bonded the moment Royal arrived home and they have been together 24/7. When he first came home, Royal was a little scared. Fiona was able to reassure him in a way that I couldn’t. She always makes sure Royal is in her “line of sight”, even when napping.

Royal loves to play with squeaky toys, inspect every corner of the back yardand go for daily walks in his blueberry stroller with Fiona. As soon as Royal sees me tying up my sneakers, he knows we’re going for an outing and he begins to “Pommie dance”.

Although Royal’s intake information said he didn’t have much of an appetite, this little guy loves to eat. His favorite room in the house is the kitchen.

When he sees me getting his meals ready, he does the cutest little “wolf whistle” in appreciation and cleans his plate every time.

To everyone who might be reading this, and isn’t sure if adopting a senior is the right fit for you, giving Royal a forever home has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We just love, love, love him. Royal is a cherished family member and always will be.

Stop by Muttville headquarters and meet the Seniors. I guarantee you will fall in love.

Thank you Muttville for bringing Royal into our lives!

Love Arlene, Fiona and Royal

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Success Story "Mr. Biscuits" (aka Squirt)

Success Story "Mr. Biscuits" (aka Squirt)

A tearful goodbye from mama Rhonda, who lost her Muttville boy, Mr. Biscuits. Our hearts go out to you, Rhonda:

We had to say goodbye to Mr. Biscuits on May 16. We only had him in his golden years, I wish it was longer. He was a JOY to be around, fearless and stubborn. A true gentleman to the end. He loved taking walks with Theo and sitting on my feet as I cooked. How we got to have the best dog in the world I will never know. He was loved and loved us back just as strong.

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Success Story "Krypto" 1324

Success Story "Krypto" 1324

We are always grateful when families like Teresa not only choose to adopt a senior dog, but also choose to adopt a bonded senior pair. Ace and Krypto were a dynamic duo. Sadly we heard of Krypto’s passing. Here is Teresa’s heartfelt tribute to her wonderful boy:

In January, we sadly announced the passing of Krypto, a very sweet guy we brought home with his buddy Ace from Muttville in August of 2012.

Ace and Krypto were large dogs, and bonded buddies, so maybe it was hard to find them a home right away, but they were perfect for our family (we had recently lost our 13-year-old Rottweiler.) We have a large yard, and with two dog-loving teenagers, Ace and Krypto fit right in.

Although we were told Ace and Krypto had grown up together, we were never too sure about that (they were trained completely differently, for example) – but there is no doubt that somewhere along the way they became very good friends (in the street or in a shelter, perhaps?) They loved to play together, even though they were “old,” and it was a joy to watch them. Krypto was a big fellow, but he wanted to be a lap dog, and loved to cuddle.

Krypto had his bad habits, no doubt – the most famous Krypto story is the time he ate a plastic container of all of one daughter’s baby teeth, and we spent weeks weeks trying to recover the teeth in the way you might imagine (we eventually thankfully gave that up, but we did find some….)

Krypto was an interesting-looking dog (he was spotted on one side, and almost completely black on the other, with a distinct line down the middle of his face), and people would often ask “what IS he??” We didn’t know, of course, but finally sent his DNA away for analysis, and were told that he was quite a mix, but that the mix included labrador retriever and shetland sheepdog.

Krypto eventually developed severe arthritis in his back knees, and then a few months ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He did not ever want to give up – he continued to eat and express enthusiasm for life even after he had clearly become very ill. He died in our arms less than an hour after our oldest daughter got home from college for the holidays.

He was truly loved, and he will be truly missed, by both his human family and by his good friend, Ace.

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Success Story "Bear" aka Joaquin

Success Story "Bear" aka Joaquin

The adventures of Bear! Thanks to his parent Aubrey and Dave for giving us a peek into his life most fulfilled:

Hi Muttville,

Wanted to write you all and share our celebration of Bear (formerly Joaquin)’s 1 Year Gotcha Day.

He’s been an incredible light in our lives, a goofy, cuddly, handsome son of a gun with the best half-nose around.

Thank you for bringing him into our life, and for all the good work you do.

Be well, and thank you for all that you do.


Aubrey, Dave & Bear

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