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Vegetarian Times 
December 2012

Who 2 Give 2: VT's Annual Charity Guide

Got room to spare in your holiday shopping cart? Send a little TLC to a dog, goat, chicken, or cow in need. This year, we’ve rounded up six deserving nonprofits whose sole focus is helping animals, whether through advocacy, adoption, or rehabilitation. No worries if you can’t shell out the money: you can still make a difference by volunteering, donating used items, and spreading the word.

What: While volunteering at her local animal shelter, Sherri Franklin longed to save all the elderly dogs, typically passed over in favor of puppies. In 2007, she realized that dream with Muttville, her San Francisco-based rescue group dedicated to the adoption and hospice care of over-the-hill pooches. “Senior dogs matter,” says Franklin. “They deserve the chance to live out their lives.”
Gift idea: $65 provides for the daily care of one senior dog for a month.
Get involved: Foster a rescued dog, donate a dog bed or leash, volunteer with Muttville’s “Seniors for Seniors” program, which pairs senior dogs with senior citizens.
Cool fact: Muttville has placed more than 1,400 dogs—nearly all of them rescued from shelters where euthanasia was imminent.