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Our Press

San Francisco Bay Guardian 
July 26 2011

Best of the Bay 2011 Editors Picks: City Living


If we treated old people the way we treat old dogs, Dr. Jack Kevorkian would have made a fortune. Every day people pack their old pals off to the shelter in their golden poochie years. Many of those dogs – who are healthy but just a step slower and more in need of patience – are euthanized. Muttville, a San Francisco rescue group started by legendary dog-saver Sherri Franklin, aims to change that. The organization takes older dogs from shelters and connects them with adoption-ready families. One look at the website and you’ll fall in love with all the well-worn woofers looking for nice homes – especially considering their potty training, mellow demeanors (Franklin makes sure the ones who’ve led rough lives are fully socialized before they’re adopted out), and underdog chances.

The Humane Society of the United States 
July 20 2011

Two Old Dogs on their Way to New Lives

Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, in his blog “A Humane Nation”:

Earlier this month, our Animal Rescue Team came to the aid of more than 150 dogs living on an overcrowded California property. Many of the dogs were sick, injured, pregnant, or nursing litters of puppies, most living in outdoor pens in the blistering summer heat.

Two of the elderly dogs we found on this property especially stood out to our rescue team…. The second dog, Lil Mamma, is a shepherd mix who was a bit scared when we first arrived. She has probably given birth to many litters of puppies. We knew that she might need a little extra help finding a loving home, so we were thrilled when Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco agreed to take her in. She is now called Beauty …

We are so grateful to Muttville for taking her in and for all their amazing work to help older dogs find good homes.

June 13 2011

Adopt a senior dog! Muttville's story and gray muzzles.

A great half-hour interview with Muttville founder Sherri Franklin by PackPeople’s Rufino Cabang: How Muttville got started, how it’s grown, where Muttville dogs come from, where Muttville’s money goes, misconceptions about shelter dogs, benefits of adopting an older dog, Muttville’s adoption process, the inspiring story of recent Muttville rescue Louie, what Muttville needs (funding, foster homes, unexpired medications, more Mutt Guardian monthly supporters), Muttville events, advice for pet owners, Sherri’s other favorite websites.

KGO-TV San Francisco 
May 25 2011

Bay Area residents reflect on Oprah experiences

Following the final “Oprah Winfrey Show,” ABC News in San Francisco takes a look at “some of those in the Bay Area that Oprah touched,” and – yes – that includes Muttville! Board member Patty Stanton and founder Sherri Franklin, adorably accompanied by some Muttville mutts, discuss “The Oprah Effect” on Muttville with Lyanne Melendez, starting at about 1:36.

KIOI Star 101.3 
May 10 2011

Interview with Don Bleu on KIOI Star 101.3 on "Muttville Day"

Don Bleu interviews Muttville founder Sherri Franklin and foster mom Marie Macaspac on the morning of “Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day” in San Francisco. With special guest: the adorable Ernie.

99.7 NOW 
May 10 2011

Muttville Brings In Dogs Named After Fernando & Greg

The lovely ladies of Muttville brought by the cutest little doggies today to celebrate their 1000th dog adoption. There is a very special event happening today in San Francisco.

It’s Muttville Day! San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has proclaimed May 10th to be “Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day.” Everyone will be gathering at Civic Center/City Hall Plaza at 6 PM. All humans and dogs are welcome.

SF Gate 
May 10 2011

Muttville rescues 1,000th senior dog

It’s official. Mayor Ed Lee has declared today, May 10th, “Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day” in celebration of the local rescue organization’s 1,000th rescued senior dog.

Muttville gave its 1,000th rescue, Maxwell, a second chance after spiriting him away from a Martinez shelter where his former family had surrendered him last month. Founder Sheri Franklin describes the nine-year-old, brown-and-blue-eyed mutt as a “sweet honey of a cattle dog.” He is in perfect health, full of smiles and is bursting with love. Now all he needs is a new forever home.

Franklin calls Muttville’s evolution a “whirlwind of growth beyond my wildest dreams.” …

CBS 5 
May 10 2011

San Francisco Pet Adoption Service Honored At City Hall

A local pet adoption service will take center stage in San Francisco Tuesday evening. Muttville is being honored for ongoing work to find homes for “senior” pups.

The San Francisco-based organization, in just a few short years, has placed 1,000 dogs in loving homes. Muttville specializes in finding permanent places for dogs over the age of 5.

“Across the country I think people are starting to go to their shelters and look for older dogs, realizing that they’re lovely, they’re wonderful and they make great, great pets,” enthused Muttville founder Sherri Franklin.

“We have about 70 dogs available for adoption right now,” she continued. …

Mutt Magic: Purchase tickets here.