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Our Press

SF Gate 
May 10 2011

Muttville rescues 1,000th senior dog

It’s official. Mayor Ed Lee has declared today, May 10th, “Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day” in celebration of the local rescue organization’s 1,000th rescued senior dog.

Muttville gave its 1,000th rescue, Maxwell, a second chance after spiriting him away from a Martinez shelter where his former family had surrendered him last month. Founder Sheri Franklin describes the nine-year-old, brown-and-blue-eyed mutt as a “sweet honey of a cattle dog.” He is in perfect health, full of smiles and is bursting with love. Now all he needs is a new forever home.

Franklin calls Muttville’s evolution a “whirlwind of growth beyond my wildest dreams.” …

CBS 5 
May 10 2011

San Francisco Pet Adoption Service Honored At City Hall

A local pet adoption service will take center stage in San Francisco Tuesday evening. Muttville is being honored for ongoing work to find homes for “senior” pups.

The San Francisco-based organization, in just a few short years, has placed 1,000 dogs in loving homes. Muttville specializes in finding permanent places for dogs over the age of 5.

“Across the country I think people are starting to go to their shelters and look for older dogs, realizing that they’re lovely, they’re wonderful and they make great, great pets,” enthused Muttville founder Sherri Franklin.

“We have about 70 dogs available for adoption right now,” she continued. …

KCBS All News Radio 
May 9 2011

Interview with John Evans on KCBS on the eve of "Muttville Day"

John Evans conducts a wonderful interview with Muttville founder Sherri Franklin on the eve of “Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day” in San Francisco. The Jefferson Award, the Oprah show, “Muttville Day”, and more…

The Bark 
May 6 2011

Muttville Celebrates 1,000 Senior Dog Rescues:
Party for older pups on May 10 in San Francisco

It ain’t easy finding homes for senior shelter and rescue dogs. That’s why there are people who specialize in this particular population. They understand the joys and challenges of placing an older dog in a new home–and know how to connect the right people with these special pups.

So we were thrilled to hear that Muttville, a Bay Area senior dog rescue, clocked its 1,000th rescue (in four years). It’s a big accomplishment, and even San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee recognized the breakthrough by proclaiming May 10, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day. … 
May 2 2011

Muttville adopts out its 1000th dog

Max’s story is not unusual. Abandoned at age nine, his chances of finding a new family to love and care for him were grim. Despite mellow dispositions and having long since conquered housetraining, senior dogs are often the last to be adopted — if adopted at all. Lucky for Max, Muttville stepped in.

When I first profiled Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, the organization was in its infancy. Founder Sherri Franklin worked round the clock to fundraise, secure foster families, and provide care for the animals in her charge. Four years later, the organization is celebrating Max, its 1000th adoption. And, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has declared May 10, 2011 Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day. …

BellaDOG Magazine 
Summer 2011

The Fate of Senior Dogs in Shelter Facilities

A sobering article on the fate of senior dogs. Includes a section titled “Muttville Is the Name & Old Dogs Are Their Game!” and another by Muttville volunteer and foster mom Marie titled “I Loved an Old, Weathered Border Collie. What Muttville Means to Me: The Story of Collette” (also posted by Marie on our blog).

Bay Woof 
May 2011

At Muttville, Senior Dogs Get a Fresh Start

Snuggled up beside me on my couch is a Poodle named Rex. At eleven years old, he’s a sweet and intelligent dog that is fond of giving and getting kisses.

He loves to look at himself in the mirror (it so happens that he is rather dashing), and he turns to putty at the mere suggestion of a belly rub. Rex is extremely good at catch — and, like most sensible adults, he enjoys an afternoon nap or two.

I watch him as he lets out a deep sigh and his breath settles into that steady rhythm of sleep, and I am reminded of why I came to volunteer at Muttville, recently named Best Cause and Best Rescue Group by this newspaper’s dog-loving readers.

Muttville is a safe haven that provides a second chance for senior dogs like Rex …

Comcast Newsmakers 
April 2011

Muttville Interview Airing on CNN Headline News

In honor of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day, Comcast Newsmaker host Jack Hanson interviewed Muttville founder Sherri Franklin and the petite and precious Pixie the Pom.

The interview aired on CNN Headline News in the San Francisco area.