Our Amazing first FOUR Years!

Here are highlights....

Muttville's First Rescue
Sherri Franklin founds Muttville
out of her home and brings
home Jimmy Love, Muttville's
first rescue.
Jimmy Love, Muttville's first rescue
"Seniors for Seniors"
Muttville's very first "Seniors for
Seniors" adoption occurs at Pet
Pride, Muttville's first outreach
event. Tiny Dancer crawls into
Jean's lap, and they live
happily ever after!
Jean and Tiny Dancer
Muttville's Mission
Muttville's Board of Directors
is established with 5 members.
The Board formulates
Muttville's official
Mission Statement
Muttville saves 27 dogs in 2007,
has 4 foster homes and 15 volunteers.
It's Official
Muttville is officially a
501(c)(3) nonprofit
Muttville logo
"The Story of Muttville", a video produced by
Meredith Arthur and board president Jane Goldman,
is premiered. When the video is circulated, it attracts
the attention of the band, Gogol Bordello, who
reach out to Muttville. Exciting news for Gogol
Bordello fans Sherri and her sister, Deanne. Ideas
start flying, and three months later …
The Story of Muttville video
Gogol Bordello Loves Muttville!
Gogol Bordello plays a sold-out benefit
for Muttville at Slims SF. Lead singer
Eugene Hutz starts the show proclaiming,
"This is for all the homeless doggies!"
Gogol Bordello benefit concert for Muttville
Muttville rescues 198 dogs in 2008,
has grown to 14 foster homes and 25 volunteers.
Jimmy as kitty dad
First Annual
"Moolah for Mutts"

Muttville's fundraiser
"Moolah for Mutts" is a
great success; becomes
an annual event.
Moolah for Mutts
Lady #320
Lady first comes to Muttville: starved, deaf, incontinent,
and with a terminal diagnosis of liver cancer. A transport
volunteer drives her 200 miles to a 5-acre ranch in
Atascadero. The cancer diagnosis turns out to be false,
and Lady fattens up and learns to enjoy farm living!
Lady Minoo, our 500th rescue
Loving Donations to Muttville
Kathleen McKensie, mother of SFGate's Christie Keith passes
away. Her daughter knew of her mom's love for dogs and asks
her mother's friends to honor her life by donating to Muttville.
First Annual Turkey Trot
and Christmas Crawl

Muttville's first Thanksgiving Day Fort
Funston run.
Spending Thanksgiving
and Christmas day at the beach with
Muttville becomes an annual tradition.
Christmas crawl at Fort Funston 2009
Muttville now has 27 foster homes and 95 volunteers. Muttville
is known statewide as a shelter of "last resort" for senior dogs slated
for euthanasia, receiving dozens of rescue requests a week.
Geronimo finds his forever home with Diane. He was
found wandering the streets of San Jose, blind and
matted, needing emergency eye surgery. Geronimo
later becomes quite the media sensation, appearing in
Bark Magazine, in San Jose Mercury News online,
on KOFY, and on Channel 7 news.
Cara Mia #557
Pioneer Muttville supporter and author
of Tails of Devotion, Emily Pottruck,
adopts Muttville pup Cara Mia
(pictured here with her brother, Andy).
Cara Mia and Andy
Keeva & Portia, a bonded
pair, were rescued
from a crime scene in
Bakersfield. They find
their new mom, Kellie, at
their very first adoption
event in Walnut Creek.
Keeva & Portia
Muttville is
featured in a
five-page spread in
Family Circle
Muttville in Family Circle
Sherri Franklin
is featured in the
San Francisco
Sherri Franklin in San Francisco Examiner
AARP Bulletin cites Muttville in an article extolling the benefits of living with a dog for senior citizens. "Older humans can reap health benefits from living with pets, such as increased physical activity, lower blood pressure, fewer trips to the doctor, less depression and a greater sense of security …."
Sherri Franklin is honored with a regional
Jefferson Award for Public Service,

recognizing those who "inspire others
to service." She is later named a
national finalist.
Jefferson Awards for Public Service The Pedigree Foundation logo
Muttville volunteer, Patty, nominates Sherri on
Oprah.com as someone who has "inspired her
to make a difference." The two are invited
to attend the taping of Oprah's final Favorite
winning many prizes later
auctioned off to benefit Muttville.
Sherri Franklin at Oprah taping USA Today logo
The Oprah Effect
ABC Channel 7 News does a segment on Muttville and the "Oprah Effect." Muttville receives nearly 20 new adoption applications immediately after Oprah airing.
Muttville rescues 362 senior mutts in 2010;
has 35 foster homes and 125 volunteers.
Bay Woof logo Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation logo Comcast Newsmaker host Jack Hanson with Sherri and Pixie
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee
proclaims "Muttville Senior
Dog Rescue Day"
in honor of
Maxwell, Muttville's 1,000th
senior dog rescue.
Proclamation of May 10, 2011 as 'Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day' in San Francisco

Rescuing the next 1,000 Senior Mutts...and beyond!

May 10 is "Muttville Day" in San Francisco!

Officially. No kidding.

Official proclamation of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day in San Francisco

Mayor Ed Lee has proclaimed May 10, 2011 "Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day".

See the proclamation in all its official glory and pictures of the celebration.

CNN Headline News interviews Muttville

Muttville with Comcast Newsmaker host Jack Hanson

Saving 1,000 dogs is big news. Big enough, even, for CNN!

Comcast Newsmaker host Jack Hanson interviewed Muttville founder Sherri Franklin and special guest, the charismatic Pixie, who turns out to be a television natural.

Watch the video.

The story of Maxwell, our 1,000th rescue

Maxwell, Muttville's 1,000th rescue

Meet the dog who went from abandoned to Muttville's lucky 1,000th.

Read Maxwell's story.

See all 1,000 dogs!

Yes, every single one of Muttville's first 1,000 rescues in an amazing display! (It may take a little time for all the images to load, but it's worth the wait.)

Join our 1,000 Dog Drive

1,000 Dog Drive speedometer

In honor of Maxwell and the 999 who came before him, we've launched a campaign to sign up 300 monthly sustaining donors.

By becoming a monthly sustaining donor - a Mutt Guardian - you provide the funds to enable us to say "yes" to senior dogs in need.

Find out more about our 1,000 Dog Drive and our Mutt Guardian program.