We've saved 1,000 dogs!

Jimmy Love, our 1st rescue

When we started Muttville in 2007, we never dreamed we'd be saying "We've saved our 1,000th senior dog!" just four-plus years later. One thousand dogs saved from abuse, neglect, abandonment - and probable euthanasia - and given a new chance at life.

To every single person who has ever supported Muttville in any way, large or small, THANK YOU for your help in making this tremendous achievement possible.

But we're just getting started …

Mutt Guardian campaign speedometer
Watch our Mutt Guardian speedometer
to follow the progress of our
1,000th Dog Drive.

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We have plans to rescue the next 1,000 senior dogs, but WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU. In honor of Maxwell, our 1,000th rescue, and all the 999 sweet, deserving dogs that preceded him, we've launched a campaign to sign up 300 monthly sustaining donors.

By becoming a monthly sustaining donor - a Mutt Guardian - you make it possible for Muttville to provide food, transportation, and vital veterinary care for our wonderful dogs throughout the year. And to respond to unpredictable emergencies.

Choose the level that works for you (minimum $10 a month), and your credit card will be automatically billed for that amount each month. To change or cancel your Mutt Guardian subscription at any time, simply contact us at guardian@muttville.org.

Click the button above to become a Mutt Guardian with a monthly sustaining donation. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Please note that we can accept only Visa and MasterCard for Mutt Guardian sustaining donations.

What your donations accomplish


Most of us don't know truly what it's like to be hungry, let alone to be at death's door from starvation.
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Minnie Munchkin

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A look back at an amazing four years

Four years of Muttville milestones

Here are Muttville's great moments - from Jimmy Love, our first rescue, to SF's official "Muttville Day."

Check out the timeline of the milestones of the past four years.

May 10 is "Muttville Day" in San Francisco!

Officially. No kidding.

Official proclamation of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day in San Francisco

Mayor Ed Lee has proclaimed May 10, 2011 "Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day".

See the proclamation in all its official glory and pictures of the celebration.

CNN Headline News interviews Muttville

Muttville with Comcast Newsmaker host Jack Hanson

Saving 1,000 dogs is big news. Big enough, even, for CNN!

Comcast Newsmaker host Jack Hanson interviewed Muttville founder Sherri Franklin and special guest, the charismatic Pixie, who turns out to be a television natural.

Watch the video.

The story of Maxwell, our 1,000th rescue

Maxwell, Muttville's 1,000th rescue

Meet the dog who went from abandoned to Muttville's lucky 1,000th.

Read Maxwell's story.

See all 1,000 dogs!

Yes, every single one of Muttville's first 1,000 rescues in an amazing display! (It may take a little time for all the images to load, but it's worth the wait.)