Violet 1398 (aka Potato aka Olive)

Violet 1398


Breed Chihuahua mix
Gender Female
Size Small (6-20 lbs)
Neutered Yes
Status Adopted


Violet is a sweetie pie! Completely relaxed and mellow, she is content just to be by your side: cuddled and loved up, of course. Super smart, Violet is easily trainable and is beginning to learn basic commands. When she is exploring the world at the end of a leash, she is surprisingly energetic and VERY curious. She LOVES to be given big hugs and kisses once she’s gotten to know you. Building trust with Violet is a must for her to be able to blossom into the love-bug she is naturally. At that point, she will happily follow you from room to room with the most adoring eyes and loving heart ever! When she is not pitter pattering after you, she sleeps cozily with her blanket, toys, and bed.

We’re delighted to report that Violet 1398 is currently in a loving and caring home. Thanks to all the wonderful friends of Muttville who helped to make this happen.

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