Breed Pit bull mix
Gender Male
Size Large (50-90 lbs)
Neutered Yes
Status Available


Name: Storm

Age: 8.5 years old (I have had Storm for 6 years)

Weight: 60 pounds

Male and fixed

Storm is good with people and kids, especially teens. The only time he makes noise is when he thinks a stranger is entering home, so he is very protective of the home. Which is a good thing. Otherwise a very quiet dog.

Storm loves his morning and evening walks. He also loves to bike ride. Storm also likes to pull someone while they roller blade. But owner must be careful, he will chase a cat if he sees a cat running. Best with an owner that likes their morning jogs / walks / hikes.

Storm is good with other dogs, when properly introduced (there are 3 other dogs in the house). And I have watched friends dogs many a time. For some reason, not sure he likes white dogs, like a white poodle. He will go after it or appear to want to go after it, so he still has prey drive. NO cats!

Storm is a very chill dog. He LOVES to lay outside. Sometimes you have to be careful as he will lay in the sun too long. You have to tell him inside so he will cool off. He does not like the sounds from TV so most of the time he is outside on his dog bed. He does sleep inside at night. Has full access to furniture in the living room but rarely gets on the furniture. Does not sleep on the human bed too often, he likes his dog bed on the floor. Best he go to a home with a backyard with in/out access to the house.

Storm is very sensitive to certain texting sounds (from the phone). It will cause him to have rapid heartbeats. Owner will have to be aware of how their sounds are coming across when texting. When this happens I usually lay with him in the bed until he calms down or he wants out in the backyard so he cannot hear the phone sounds.

If Storm is adopted through Muttville I will pay for the adoption fee (adopter will not have to pay). I am also willing to buy his food for a lifetime.

If Storm is fostered I will buy his food as well.

Luke LaCasse


This is a courtesy listing from another rescue organization. If you are interested in adopting Storm and want to learn more about him, Please contact:Luke LaCasse 415-559-1382.

Posted on 05.18.17

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