Sherbert 4330

Sherbert 4330


Breed Yorkshire terrier
Gender Male
Size Small (6-20 lbs)
Neutered Yes
Status Available


Meet Sherbert! This handsome Yorkie is as sweet as his name suggests. Besides being blind he gets around really well and has learned to navigate his world without vision. He does GREAT with other dogs and is social and outgoing. Sherbert also loves people and can’t wait to find his forever home. He enjoys going for walks, exploring, eating treats, and taking naps. He also has hypoallergenic hair! Can you give this boy a wonderful place to call home?

Sherbert is about 10-12 and weighs 10 pounds.

Meet Sherbert, enjoying a sunspot

See what Sherbert’s foster has to say:

Sherbert is an independent, curious, and quiet little guy who gets around really well despite his blindness. Occasionally he likes to climb on and into things but otherwise is fairly relaxed and calm. He does best with two walks around the block per day, or a longer walk in the morning. He’s fine with other dogs. He can get startled when he’s asleep and needs to be woken up. He is pretty good with going to the bathroom outside and will usually hold his pee through the night. He loves belly and chest scratches, meeting new people, hanging out in the sun, and exploring his surroundings. If you have a laundry bag that’s low to the ground and full of clean laundry, he will most likely jump in and take a nap in the bag or pile! He is very quiet-no barking or loud whining, but he does snore at night.

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