Sadie and Buddy

Sadie and Buddy


Breed Australian shepherd
Gender Female/Male
Size Large (50-90 lbs)
Neutered Yes
Status Available


Sadie (Female) & Buddy (Male) are sister & brother. They are going to turn 11 years old on April 28th.

Sadie is a ‘people pleaser’ and is very intelligent. She loves to take walks, play fetch with a tennis ball, loves to go down to the river to play in the water & play fetch with sticks, she’s a great protector & is a great mouse & rat hunter!

Buddy is everyone’s friend! He’s so sweet, very mellow, loves to be petted. He’s a great companion who will be your best friend!

My Uncle is selling my Grandma’s House that we currently live in…

So we will be traveling in a 5th wheel trailer for a year or two. Unfortunately, we can’t bring them with us, since my Husband is allergic to them & they’ve always been outdoor dogs.

We’d love to keep them together, however, it’s okay if we can’t. We just really want them to go to loving homes. We’ve asked everyone that we know in the area. We’ve posted several posts on Facebook & so far no one has been able to help us find them a good, loving home.

I’m so worried…

Could you please help us?

We’d really appreciate it. 😊

Please call

Louise @ 760-822-1346

or Ed @760-822-1636

This is a courtesy listing from another rescue organization. If you are interested in adopting Sadie and Buddy and want to learn more about them, Louise @ 760-822-1346 -or- Ed @760-822-1636 .

Posted on 04.14.17