Peanut 1378 (aka 1378)

Peanut 1378


Breed Chihuahua/terrier/pug mix
Gender Female
Size Small (6-20 lbs)
Neutered Yes
Status Adopted


Peanut is both a sweetie and a live wire for her age. We think she is about 12 yrs old and is likely some sort of Chihuahua/terrier/pug mix. She’s a stout 14.5 lbs. She was rescued several years ago from a shelter in So. Cal and had several good years in a home with an elderly couple, but they both died and now Peanut needs a new forever home.

She’s a great companion dog and wants to spend all her time with someone to love. Very cuddly and sweet, she’s also a good alarm dog. She will bark at the door bell, mail carrier, kids on bikes passing by, etc. She does have a dominant personality. In her foster home she lives with several dogs and in general does well but does get growly and possessive when she has to share her foster mom’s attention or feels threatened by a larger dogs. We are working to help her through this behavior.

Peanut would do well in a home with someone who either works from home, can take her to work or is not working. She’s fine being left for a few hours. Peanut is a sun worshiper and will follow the sunny spot around the house.

She is good with kids, as long as they’re gentle with her. She likes walks once she is comfortable with the person walking her. She will not walk with strangers. (I’m not sure I would either, would you?) She is crate trained and is fine all night in her crate but would love nothing more than to sleep under your bed or even under the covers with you.

She just had dental work performed, including 5 teeth removed, and she is doing well!

We’re delighted to report that Peanut 1378 is currently in a loving and caring home. Thanks to all the wonderful friends of Muttville who helped to make this happen.

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