Muriel 4858

Muriel 4858


Breed Dachshund
Gender Female
Size Small (6-20 lbs)
Neutered Yes
Status Available


Meet Muriel! Things are finally starting to look up for this sweet senior gal and she couldn’t be happier!

Muriel was originally found as a stray in Stanislaus and, despite being brand new, has made herself right at home. Once this sweet girl picks a cozy place to relax, she won’t be phased by anything! She is a perfectly sweet and mellow companion who would fit right in to any home. Muriel lost one of her eyes (we aren’t sure how) and has poor vision in the other, but this doesn’t stop her from being friendly, social, and very loyal. She is also great with other dogs! Sweet Muriel will give you a new outlook on life with her resilient personality- come meet her today!

Muriel is 9 years old and weighs 16.4 pounds.

Here’s what Muriel’s foster has to say about her:

Muriel is sweet and very affectionate. She is a laid back dog! She could be a professional sleeper, but we make her get up and go outside to play. Muriel quickly learned the route outside to take care of business, and enjoys basking in the morning sun afterwards. Muriel is “respectful” of our two cats. Muriel is not able to see well but she learns voices and sticks close to her human. She makes a little whimpering noise to communicate her needs. Muriel is house-trained. Muriel likes a little vegetable stock added to her food. It softens up the crunchies and makes them easier to chew. She is always ready to watch TV if it means snuggling super close. She likes her doggie bed or will sleep curled up by your tummy if welcomed on the bed. Muriel is very easy to love!!

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