Megan (aka Migsy aka 997)



Breed Jack russell mix
Gender Female
Size Medium (20-50 lbs)
Status Adopted


Migsy (a.k.a. Megan) was minutes away from euthanasia when the Martinez shelter sounded the last call. Here was a lovely dog whose people had dropped her off because they’re moving and – guess what – she’s too old. The shelter folks said she looked “completely lost, totally in shock at being left behind.” Muttville ran to the rescue and are we glad we did! Migsy’s a dream. This sporty, dainty little miss is great with people, likes dogs, and comes when called. She’s pretty agile – can leap up stairs and trot around – but at the dog park, she prefers to stand quietly by her person and watch the action. Not timid exactly – just reserved. We’re working to help her with some itchiness, which will make her feel even better when resolved, though she doesn’t show that she’s bothered by it. She’s some kind of 24-pound Jack Russell, but she’s unusually calm and likes kids, not very Jackish. So no idea what other breeds might be packed into this lovable, loving sweetie. She doesn’t ask for much – just shelter, food, and somebody to love.

We’re delighted to report that Megan is currently in a loving and caring home. Thanks to all the wonderful friends of Muttville who helped to make this happen.

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