Daisy 6

Daisy 6


Breed Labrador retriever mix
Gender Female
Size Large (50-90 lbs)
Neutered Yes
Status In memoriam


Daisy is a gentile old lady who can be somewhat shy but also has a mind of her own. She came to me a year ago as a temporary stop while her mother was in transition. My own dog had just died and it was never intended to be a long-term situation.

She just turned 13 and her routine is simple: eating, sleeping and two 20-minute walks a day on a flat or gentle slope. She rides in the car well, but if it were up to her, she’d stay home.

She is a lab mix, maybe with Corgi. She has the lab face and disposition but is low to the ground, weighs about 75 lbs. I take her to an off-leash park and she is fine and comes when called. A 20-minute walk is about her maximum, maybe slightly longer, and she’s in fairly good shape for her age. I personally think she’s got another couple years left barring anything unforeseen.

She has been with her mom since birth and has been an only dog all her life. When her mom’s circumstances started changing a couple years ago, she was in a boarding facility for a couple months, and when the bill went unpaid, they took her to a shelter. Because she was microchipped, the shelter called her mom and her mom enlisted the help of a rescue group to get her out. The group placed her with a houseful of students, and at the end of the term, everyone dispersed and that’s when I met her. It was represented to me that it would be short-term as her mom was waiting to hear on a job. It never happened. Six months into having her, I contacted the rescue group contact and was told that no one would take Daisy because of her age (I’m not convinced that any effort was made on their part to find anyone), and that if I gave her back, she would be shipped out of state to some animal sanctuary where she would essentially live outdoors or a kennel for the remainder of her days. The contact since that time does not respond to

any calls. Her mom’s circumstances have gotten worse, so there is little room for optimism that they will be reunited. She’s a good girl and asks so little that it saddens me to think of her in a sanctuary situation.

In my mind, it would be far kinder to euthanize her. She hasn’t ever really been around other dogs except for the time that I’ve had her. If they are rambunctious, she doesn’t tolerate them. A few older ones she’s gotten to know she’s more tolerant of as long as they don’t sniff her butt. She objects. She shows no aggression towards humans at all; in fact, she’s shy. She is afraid of thunder and loud noises and becomes panicky.

Because of the uncertainty of my own situation, I am forced to see if I can’t make this a win-win for everyone involved, particularly Daisy. At this stage in her life she does not deserve this.

Sadly, Daisy 6 has passed away. But thanks to Muttville and its wonderful friends, she spent her final time in a loving home.

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