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Timmy Meets His Hero: SF Giants Star, Tim Lincecum

Timmy Meets His Hero: SF Giants Star, Tim Lincecum

All our dogs are special, but Timmy will go down in Muttville history after the amazing day he had with San Francisco Giants star Tim Lincecum.

Remember when we asked you to vote in the popchips® gamechangers contest, in which superstar athletes “chip in” and give back to their local communities?  Well thanks to you, we made it to the top five.  

Then it was up to our home team’s pitching star Tim Lincecum to make the final choice.   He picked Muttville!   And for our gamechanging opportunity, we asked Tim to help one dog get adopted – and raise awareness about senior dogs –  by taking one lucky guy onto the field before the first pitch. 

It happened on Sunday, July 1.  Sherri, Patty, Annie and Marie brought our own shaggy-haired Timmy to AT&T park, and Sherri got a chance to talk to the two-legged Tim before the game.  "Tim is a huge animal lover," said Sherri. “He thought about becoming a zoologist, but he decided he would play baseball instead.  Ha ha, good choice!” 

He also mentioned that he got his first dog from a breeder four years ago, but now that he knows about the plight of homeless dogs, he’ll never do that again.

Tim said it was easy for him to choose Muttville.  His dogs – Cy (Tim’s a two-time Cy Young award winner) and Kayo, named after his grandfather – are so much a part of the family, and he loves them so much, that he can’t imagine anyone giving up their older dogs.  

Sherri invited Tim for a visit to Muttville.  He sounded truly jazzed to be invited over to visit.  We hope it happens!

We always loved our home team’s incredible pitcher, but now, after seeing his huge heart for animals and genuine spirit, we are even bigger fans.

Watch a video of Timmy’s big moment with Tim Lincecum.

See a play-by-play of the amazing experience in our slideshow:

mariem3 | 07.03.12

Super cool!

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lisabambi | 07.03.12 02:42pm

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