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The ripple effect

The ripple effect

Most days, we continue on with our lives as if nothing astounding is happening, and yet there is complete and utter magic occuring all around us.

Every day at Muttville I am humbled to watch the gifts that people bring to the table – the gift of shelter, the gift of food, the gift of time, the gift of gab! I am honored to be present to people who open their homes, wallets, calendars and efforts to make Muttville work.

In the past month, I’ve watched more than one volunteer who, having opened heart, soul and home to a old dog, had to help that dog go to sleep forever. I’ve gratefully accepted food donations, which enable me to open my home to a dog I wouldn’t otherwise be able to feed. I’ve connected new friends with our hard-working fundraising committee, helping to build a reserve of funds for food, veterinary care and outreach efforts.

I’m still stuck on the idea of Muttville as an ongoing art project, and life as art. What we do is part of the circle of life – every action you take to assist Muttville in its growth has a ripple effect. I am personally affected by everything everyone does.

Today I picked up a new foster dog (I do still want to tell you about Cuddles, my last foster dog, so stay tuned). The volunteer who had driven to Santa Cruz to collect my new foster Smokey was still at Sherri’s house, cleaning and doing dishes. Her effort, which she insisted was so small, brought a sweet, loving dog into my home. And my relationship with him, 5 hours later, is art. We are making eye contact, we’re sitting close, we are connecting, and connection is the meaning of life. We are connected to each other, to dogs, to food, to the couch, to the world around us.

This week I feel connected to everyone who does something at Muttville. I appreciate it.

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. Please know that everything you have volunteered has benefitted Muttville, and we appreciate it.

Photo courtesy of Mark Rogers Photography

AliG | 04.20.10

Ali, I certainly enjoy reading your posts. They are an uplifting read at the end of some very long trying days. And what a beautiful picture of Marie!


Amy | 04.21.10 09:49am

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