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Success Story "Scupper" aka Lincoln

Success Story "Scupper" aka Lincoln

Adopting a hospice dog is really about appreciating the joys of life. Fospice boy Scupper is truly living it up:

We fospiced Lincoln in August. As you can see in the photo, he is doing well. While he is blind, it does seem that a bit of hearing has come back to him. Not much hearing but some high pitch sounds. His fur has grown in and he quickly learned how to use the doggie door to go outside. He is house trained. He enjoys exploring the yard and car rides. In fact he drove with us thrown Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, And Colorado this winter where he enjoyed playing in the snow. He is back home safe and sound where he is going in and out of the dog door all day even with his hip arthritis and blindness. He is a brave little guy.

Lincoln is super sweet too! His personality is really blooming. He likes to play and gets very animated. He also really enjoys being held and actually jumps into our arms in the morning when we wake him up. He hugs us when we hold him. So sweet. He loves walks but he is slow so we call his walks “sniffs” instead.

Lincoln eats well (most of the time!) He loves the kibble brand which Sherri fed him so we have continued to feed him the same brand. And we discovered he loves milk, although we have to give him lactose free b/c he appears to be lactose intolerant. Funniest part of his eating desires is his absolute crazy love for apples. We are cautious to ensure he doesn’t have the core or the seeds and we only feed him a little bit every few days. We’ve never had a dog love apples so much. Very funny.

We changed his name to “Scupper" because he seems to be able to hear the strong consonants and syllables better than “Lincoln” In fact his ears really perk up any time we call out “Scupper!!" which never seemed to happen with the name Lincoln.

We are very happy with the little guy and he seems to be happy with us too.

Dan and Kim

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mariem3 | 02.15.17

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