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Success Story Pumpkin (aka Darling) & Ricky

Success Story Pumpkin (aka Darling) & Ricky

It’s the magic of Muttville! Thanks to Kelli for sharing her story:

I have a soft spot for the seniors after having a 90lb dog that made it to 14 with a lot of smiles, despite his arthritis. I lost him to congestive heart failure in December and really grieved for the hole he left in my heart. I heard about Muttville and at first I thought I’d just volunteer, then I thought I’d foster, then I asked myself, “Who am I kidding, there’s NO WAY I could foster and give a dog up.” So I decided to adopt and foster.

I asked which dogs needed more medical care and saw several online and went in to see them in person. When I met Darling (now Pumpkin), she had her nose to the door, just waiting for someone to come in. I walked in, sat down and opened my arms up and she just mushed her whole body against me and I knew I had found my dog. When I got her home, she went to my shag area rug and just rubbed her face into the carpet and rolled around for a good twenty minutes in utter bliss. I got her medical records sent to me and as I read them, I just cried. She had been so severely neglected, most likely living outside on a chain her entire life. This was potentially the first time she had even been on a soft carpet.

I successfully fostered another dog a few weeks later and when I finalized the adoption, I went straight back to Muttville to pick up another foster named Ricky. He was a sweet, dopey, quiet little Cocker Spaniel who was half bald. When I got Ricky home, I realized he was LYING when he was at the shelter. He’s a total goofball with a really silly, loving and whacky personality and he’s not quiet at all. He also has the climbing capabilities of a mountain goat and partakes in what we call, “carpet swimming”. Two weeks after bringing him home, he managed to escape the yard and I ended up walking my neighborhood with his leash around my neck, crying as I was looking for, “my little baby”. I got him back that day, luckily and after we caught him sleeping with Pumpkin on the same bed (even though we have three beds). I called and adopted him. His medical records showed that he was most likely never taken to a vet prior to going to Muttville. His baldness was due to a low thyroid condition and he now has the most beautiful coat.

Now, they are both spoiled rotten and we have a happy house. I also have to get my area rug professionally cleaned every few months because of the amount of abuse it receives.

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org

mariem3 | 11.16.16

Thank you Kelli for taking care of these two. You are amazing.

kwood11 | 11.17.16 04:49pm

Kelli, you are wonderful as well as your two sweeties. Thank you for sharing your wonderful loving story.

gpjjank | 11.17.16 04:54pm

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