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Success Story "Otto"

Success Story "Otto"

Loving words from Ryan and Carol about their beloved Muttville boy, Otto, who crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this month:

In memory of ‘our big man’ Otto.

When I first saw Otto’s picture on Muttville page, I thought there was a mistake and that it was a repost of our first Muttville dog Lucy. I knew that he was meant to live with us and we adopted him straightaway, and welcomed (now) Otto Marraccini-Otto to our Muttville family (joining his Muttville brothers and sisters Lucy, Kara, and Starbuck).

I will always remember him for his big goofy smile and his gentle spirit. He was always an instant favourite with everyone he met. My wife was convinced that I thought of Otto as my furry twin.

The decision to let Otto go was extremely hard for us. I am so grateful to Muttville for saving this gentle soul with his big soft eyes. I am glad he got to spend his sunset years with us and be warm, happy, and safe. I miss my furry friend terribly.

In loving memory,

Ryan and Carol Otto.

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mariem3 | 08.09.17

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