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Success Story "Muggs"

Success Story "Muggs"

A San Francisco Love Story: Two Brides and a Beagle Best Man

We adopted Muggs from Muttville in August of 2015. We weren’t really expecting to adopt a dog, but we fell in love as soon as he barked at us. It took a while for Muggs to warm up to us. It was understandable, considering he had a family abandon him and then an adopter give up on him. For the first six months or so, Muggs was cautious around us.

When we brought him home, it wasn’t long before we learned that he had an undeniable passion for food. If there was a drop of anything edible, anywhere in our tiny apartment, he would find it. And he would be pleased with himself. We learned quickly that he had to be kept busy – lots of stimulating toys and stuffed animals were needed to keep our active senior occupied. He was incredibly patient with his bossy new sister, Sadie, allowing her to rule the roost and take the lead. He would entertain us with his silly antics, his voracious appetite, and his constant energy. It was clear that he loved to explore nature, and try new things.

It has been almost two years since we brought Muggs home. He’s sick, and we aren’t sure how much longer we have with him. We’ve made a bucket list of things to do with him, and things to feed him. He’s got a gastrointestinal disease that makes it nearly impossible for his body to absorb proteins. He’s losing weight drastically. But his spirit remains. He loves nothing more than to go on long walks and explore the outdoors. He loves eating, all day, every day. He loves to lick our bed and guard our front door. Every time we come home or we have a visitor come over, Muggs enthusiastically brings over a stuffed toy, a peace offering and a sign of his friendliness and love. He loves to play tug of war. Like a true beagle, he has about 15 different barks that tell us if he’s thirsty, hungry, happy, scared, bored, or silly. We love him so much and will forever be grateful to Muttville for allowing us to be part of his story. It’s been so fun to be his moms.

We loved having him at our wedding. It felt fitting for him to be at a celebration of commitment and love, knowing that he originally ended up at Muttville when a divorce went sour. We hope that he knows how much we treasure him, and how lucky we feel to have been chosen by him!

Love, Amy and Rachel

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mariem3 | 06.21.17

So sad to hear of Muggs’ illness, but thrilled that he has had such happy years with you. Thank you for sharing your lives with him and this precious story with us!

JulieA | 06.22.17 04:43pm

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