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Success Story "Maxwell", Muttville's 1000th rescued dog

Success Story "Maxwell", Muttville's 1000th rescued dog

It has been one year since Muttville celebrated rescuing its 1000th dog! His name was Maxwell, and he carried this title proudly!

What happened to Max? Read his success story, written by his mom, Chandreve:

About a year ago, our companion Mara passed away, leaving Abby without a pal. Abby is about nine years old and missed having a friend while we were at work. For about three months we fostered a younger dog, but we found that Abby was often frustrated with her boundless energy. We decided that Abby needed an age appropriate companion. Our local animal shelter directed us to Muttville and through them we found the dog of our dreams, Maxwell.

We just love Maxwell! He has wiggled his way into our hearts and has folded into our household seamlessly. Maxwell already knows our schedule and wakes us up at 4:30 a.m. promptly, so we can go to one of East Bay Regional Park District’s parks for an off-leash hike. Although Max and our other dog Abby weren’t instant pals they have grown on each other. They have become hiking and napping buddies and have banded together to defend the perimeter against any invading squirrels. Max has become the official greeter for our friends and family, and runs down the steps to welcome them; he has such a great personality and loves to be in the thick of things.

Maxwell is a talker and makes lots of noises while we’re getting ready for a walk, heading for bed or when he’s just in the mood. Recently he jumped off and on the bed repeatedly in the wee hours of the morning, growled and tugged until we woke up; minutes later there was an earthquake. We all feel safer with Maxwell in our lives.

We can’t say enough about how wonderful the volunteers are at Muttville. Several volunteers met us and Abby at a local park giving the whole family a chance to meet potential new companions. Maxwell’s foster Mom was friendly, warm, and open about all of Maxwell’s little quirks so there were no surprises. Well maybe—a few pleasant surprises.

We just can’t imagine life without our furry friend, and are so glad we found out about Muttville and Maxwell.

If you adopted a Muttville dog, we would love to feature you in an upcoming ‘Success Story’. Please contact success_stories@muttville.org with the Subject line ‘Success Story’

mariem3 | 05.10.12

Great for Max, getting a super home with loving people. Thanks for sharing.

Patz | 05.10.12 05:27pm

Another new beginning that rocks. Love it! Thanks to Abby and family for opening their hearts and home to Max.

rosasmum | 05.11.12 06:50am

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