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Success Story "Marty McFly"

Success Story "Marty McFly"

Who remembers the lovable boy, Marty McFly?

Then you’ll love this update from mom Lynn:

Last July, we celebrated two years with our senior Muttville boy, Marty McFly! We’ve fostered dogs for many years and he was our first foster failure. We really don’t consider foster-to-adoption as a failure but a blessing, and we can’t imagine life without this goofy boy.

Marty’s journey began when he was picked up as a stray. Fortunately he found his way to Muttville where he received lots of TLC and became a staff favorite. His sweet and mellow qualities drew us to him, and he came into our home for foster care. After seven months in the rescue with no serious adoption interest, we decided to make Marty a permanent member of our pack.

Fast forward to today and life with Marty is great! The old boy has some health issues and has slowed down quite a bit, but he loves to ride in the car, go for a slow stroll, and enjoy a good roll in the grass. He still sleeps in doorways like he did at Muttville so he’s lovingly earned the nickname, speed bump.

Our Marty hasn’t traveled back to the future, but he is a road warrior that has logged many miles on trips and RV adventures within California and to Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

Many thanks to Muttville for rescuing Marty and other senior dogs like him. We are honored to be part of this organization, caring for and loving seniors so they can enjoy their golden years.

The Bolhuis Pack

Photo Locations:

Oregon, Grandma’s lush green lawn

Nevada, beatin’ the heat with a dip in the pool

Utah, red rock climbing near Monument Valley

Arizona, north rim of the grand canyon

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mariem3 | 09.13.17

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