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Success Story "Henry" 4499

Success Story "Henry" 4499

Hospice dog Henry hears the Call of the Wild! Thanks to Cathy for sharing:

Henry is a total love. He’s gotten strong and improved his stamina quite a bit chasing Haehly. He’s very competitive so doesn’t like to be left behind. At the river he ran all over the rocks and in the water. He ran through tall grass in the meadow following deer trails. He encountered 3 young bucks and was very respectful. As they moved toward him he stood his ground until they whirled away bounding off He didn’t chase, just looked happy. He’s a great traveler, enjoys a good burger and checking out rest stops. He’ very good about going outside, even in new places. He’s so much fun! It’s great to see him get excited and launch into the back seat of the car He also has a very special trick that he pulls out only when one of his very favorites, usually pizza, is on offer. I’ll try to get a pic but he’s got me laughing so hard I forget. He also puts on his “utterly sincere” face. Quite an act. Well he’s so endearing and fun and cute I hope he’s with us for quite a while. We go back to the mountains to celebrate the 4th with him. So grateful for him and all the mutts that gain their independence from lack to love with you. You guys are really the greatest!

Much love

Cathy, Scott and Henry (WhiteFang)

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