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Success Story Finnegan

Success Story Finnegan

Mutt mom Amanda shares her story with Finnegan. She helped build his confidence, and with patience a perfect little mutt emerged:

I adopted Finnegan in September 2015 and we recently celebrated his adoptioniversary/birthday! There was a lot to celebrate with all the progress he has made over the past year. Finny was a special Muttville pup – so shy that the volunteers couldn’t always get him out from his hiding spots under the furniture for his daily walks. He wouldn’t make eye contact with me and kept a safe distance at first.

We originally tried speaking to him in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese since he wouldn’t respond to anyone talking to him! He still loves being under furniture and has a favorite chair he likes to nap under, but is no longer “hiding.”

Finnegan and I now go everywhere together. He is always right on my heels, following me around and staring up at me with smiles. We have become best pals. He continues to get more and more brave, sometimes even walking right up to strangers on our walks, to say hi and accept some head rubs. He spreads smiles to all of our neighbors while out and about. His coat has really grown in- it seems that with the help of nutritious food and a safe home, Finnegan is thriving and has become the fluffiest of fur balls! He does a happy dance every time I come home with lots of little jumps in the air and a BIG smile!

He is the best little roommate and I love him dearly. I don’t know if Finny was always such a shy boy or if it happened during his transition between homes, however being able to give him his forever home and work with him to become a more confident, happier pup has been an incredibly rewarding experience! Finny and I are SO happy together and I am forever grateful for Muttville.

Thank you!


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mariem3 | 11.30.16

This is so awesome, thank you, Amanda!!

Patz | 11.30.16 12:45pm

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