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Success Story "Dixie"

Success Story "Dixie"

Two years ago today Dixie came home with me from Muttville. She is a quiet little creature with a zen-like approach to life’s ups and downs; brave and uncomplaining when in pain, serenely happy when lying next to me, and always, always ready to greet friends and strangers alike with a furiously wagging tail.

Dixie is my ambassador to the world. She makes friends wherever she goes and some of those people have become my friends as well. And over time I have discovered that she has become something of a neighborhood celebrity, with fans of all ages. Just the other day a man passed us, stopped short and told me how seeing Dixie and me always makes him smile.

She’s slowing down now and is no longer an active, energetic senior. We don’t go on long adventures in the park like we used to, but as our relationship moves into a new phase I feel more tenderness towards her than ever, and am grateful every day for the high honor of being her human guardian.

Thank you, Muttville, for introducing me to this very special dog.

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mariem3 | 04.25.17

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