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Success Story Darla

Success Story Darla

It’s joy joy joy from here on out for sweet senior Darla! Here’s how her first few days went with her new family:

She has settled in great from day one, and is the sweetest little girl with a hysterical spunky side.

We took her for a veterinary check-up immediately after her adoption, and we’ve been keeping up with her daily medications and her vet-prescribed diet dog food. We started her off with short walks around the block, and have slowly increased the distance each day. She’s built up a ton of strength in her legs and can now walk about 4-5 times further than when we first adopted her! She gets a long daily walk (which she always looks forward to) and has already lost a solid amount of weight due to her strict diet. Her energy and enthusiasm have picked up immensely with the weight-loss; she seems to get happier and more energetic with each passing week! Sometimes when she gets bursts of energy she’ll even break into a short run which is hysterical.

She has a few “spots” around our apartment that she really enjoys. She loves her dog bed at the end of our bed, sitting on the couch with us wrapped up in a blanket, and she even has a special mat by the window that she uses to sunbathe every day. When not at home or out for a walk, we take her with us everywhere (parks, beaches, and an upcoming camping trip!). We seriously could not be happier with what a beautiful addition she has been to our family and our lives.

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mariem3 | 10.19.16

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