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Success Story "Daisy" (a.k.a. Dee Dee)

Success Story "Daisy" (a.k.a. Dee Dee)

How sweet is this? Carolyn sent us the story of her daughter Darlene and her Muttvile sweetie Daisy.

Carolyn herself is an “adopted” mutt mom of a Muttville dog named Sadie. Mother and daughter decided each to adopt a dog at around the same time 18 months ago, and both chose a senior from Muttville! Sadly, Darlene’s girl, Daisy, passed away. We’re touched by Carolyn’s tribute to Daisy:

My daughter Darlene adopted Daisy around that same time I adopted Sadie. She was a small dog, with 2 broken legs that were never properly taken care of prior to Muttville saving her.

Sorry to say Daisy passed 2 weeks ago, with a blood clot in her lung. There was no warning or anything Darlene could have done, (she is an animal health technician).

She had Daisy’s legs fixed, and nursed her to where she could walk and run. This past summer, Darlene had a very serious back operation, and little Miss Daisy, was glued to her side – the best medicine Darlene could have had for her recovery.

Darlene and her husband Leo gave that little Miss Daisy a most beautiful life, and she gave back being Darlene’s little love and nurse when she had her back surgery and during recovery.

Thank you for all you do.


Carolyn, mother to Darlene, and adopted Mom to Sadie

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mariem3 | 12.27.16

Daisy was one who I knew at the shelter where she came from. She was just a precious, happy soul and I’m so grateful for the love and care she finally was able to get. Thank you! I’m sorry that it was her ‘time’ and also so grateful to all who loved her, as she deserved.

elaine seamans

quizzie | 01.03.17 09:35pm

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