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Success Story "Bosley" (#3191)

Success Story "Bosley" (#3191)

A beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Bosley Lee Wong. Thank you Iris and Warren:

Bosley came to live with us January 15, 2016. He crossed the rainbow bridge July 19, 2017 at the lovely age of 12 (just a couple weeks shy of 13) years.

To us, Bosley was perfect. My husband Warren says that he was so easy to love. Bosley had a huge heart – both figuratively and physically (so the vet told us). No wonder he loved so freely, whole heartedly and showed us a larger than life love, devotion we never expected. Bosley’s Godmommy Elizabeth says that he was special and that this side of the rainbow just feels that much emptier without him. Our extended family remembers him fondly by his scrunchy cute face and fondness for licking feet, regardless of owner.

Bosley was our first dog, as a couple and also individually. Our little family has always celebrated our quirkiness and Bosley fell right into our patterns and folds. We spent most of our days laughing and cuddling with him, sharing ordinary (or extraordinary, in retrospect) moments around the house together (Bosley was your poster child magnet/Velcro dog who would never let us out of his sight). He was well loved by foster parents Randy and Steve, came to us after and really interestingly blossomed as an “only child.” He generously shared with us his unique spunk, his tremendous loyalty, his silly sense of humor, his love for life.

He walked with our family during our engagement, then marriage, move to Campbell, where he had more space to play (inadvertently, hide/seek – as our fellow was hard of hearing but very persistent), and tricky first trimester of pregnancy (during which he provided much co-sleeping comfort).

Bosley will always live in our hearts as many things… including the lively pup who bounded around our backyard barking at birds and cats we could not see, who thanks to his deafness, was the boldest boy on the street every 4th of July, our buddy who had a voracious appetite for peanut butter and would swim for it (he had a brief stint of warm water indoor swim sessions with Rex Center!), our brave fellow who trotted into Monterey beach waters and up Tahoe snowy slopes with a proper taste for adventure, and yet knew how to appreciate the finer things in life (e.g., a warm and cozy human-sized bed). His sweet snoring, open mouthed smile with trademark few bottom teeth, loving and long-lasting licks/kisses, habit for making a bed out of suitcases, enthusiasm for belly rubs, deep full body breaths behind the door trying to smell us and anticipating our arrival home, feisty way of playing tug, and happy circular runs around the car, will always endear him to us. When warmed up, he was an expressive, talkative little guy, and in the very best way.

He was himself around us, as were we with him, and we enjoyed each other immensely.

Bosley’s first happy days in the Bay Area started off at Muttville (post his Sacramento rescue) and we know he shared and received much generous love, care during his stay at HQ too. Thank you, Muttville and supporters. Thank you each and all who loved our Bosley and made it possible for us to be a family. He has opened our hearts permanently. We only hope to go about life with hearts as big as his!


Iris & Warren

mariem3 | 09.06.17

So happy for Bosley to be with the bestest people!!!

moon510 | 09.09.17 11:17am

We lived in Hayward until two years ago when we moved to Federal Way, WA upon husband’s retirement. We found ourselves a Cairn Terrier (rescued) from Pleasanton and has been with us for 12 yrs and she is now 15.

Here she is, napping.

moon510 | 09.09.17 11:24am

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