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Success Story "Blossom" #1628

Success Story "Blossom" #1628

Thanks for this wonderful update, Eve and Gretchen! Read Blossom’s sweet story:

This is Blossom. She is a true princess in our home. She was originally adopted from Muttville by Joanne. Joanne’s daughter Skye was my other dog, Atom’s, dog nanny as Atom had severe separation anxiety. They got to know each other while Skye cared for Atom. Sadly, Joanne developed a recurrence of breast cancer after many years and ultimately passed away less than a year after adopting sweet Blossy. Skye asked me if I would consider taking Blossom myself as it would be good for Atom to have a sibling and it would lessen the grief of losing her mom. We are now a very happy family with a 3rd westie sister Scout.

Thanks for doing what you do at Muttville!

Eve and Gretchen (and Blossom, Atom and Scout)

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mariem3 | 06.28.17

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