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Success Story "Betsy"

Success Story "Betsy"

Betsy came to Muttville almost 1 year ago! She says, “Fospice is just a label. I intend to live forever!”

Betsy has been doing great. In addition to the liver support supplements we have been giving her some joint supplements that have helped her joints seem more comfortable. She sure kicks up her heels in the yard and runs around, and is super spunky in general. She has moved off the allergy food and eats normal food with no skin issues. Overall she is great and not exhibiting any overt health issues.

Her favorite pastime is to lay on her best buddy, our Italian Greyhound, and follow her around. She has mastered the dog door, although she still decides to potty in the house at times. Oh well! I’ll take the 95% outside potty rate. A couple of weeks ago she finally figured out she could climb the stairs and thought peeing in our bedroom was a great use of her new found skill. Baby gate now installed! We’ve been camping a few times and she loves to be out and about, especially at the beach. Betsy has lots of funnny little behaviors. We would love to know what she thinks.

Thank you for letting us take care of this hilarious little dog! She send lots of love and little doggie kisses to Muttville.


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mariem3 | 04.25.17

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