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Success Story "Axl"

Success Story "Axl"

If you’ve seen the red wrapped VW Muttmobile, you’ve seen the photo of a cute dog looking out the back window. That’s Muttville mascot Axl, he of the funny walk, who has been with us longer than anybody else we currently have. (Many thanks go to Melinda for giving Axl a wonderful foster home!)

And you may know the wonderful Kristin, who works part-time in the office. For the last two years she’s been going to the Menlo Charity Horse Show with a Muttville dog, hoping to score an adoption. This year, she got us a booth, and we were able to bring a handful of dogs. Kristin’s ultimate goal: get Axl adopted.

Early during the week-long show, there was obvious chemistry between Axl and one particular woman who stopped by to visit. But he was a popular boy, and he soon got adopted. Later, that first woman, Tammie, the one with the chemistry, came back to visit Axl and was upset to find that he’d been adopted. “He stuck with me in spirit even after I’d heard that he had found a home,” said Tammie.

Well, guess what. The person who took Axl discovered that he was a little too fragile for the lab mix already at home, and Axl came back.

And so did Tammie. She was overjoyed. “I saw him again,” she said, “and I didn’t even need to know the details of why he was back. I just needed to know how to bring him home.”

“And home,” continues Tammie, "a forever home, is where he is now. He may not see all that well, nor hear all that well, and he may drift a little when he walks towards us, but he always knows where he is now. He knows he’s home. And he had another surprise fan waiting for him when he arrived home. His new father became an instant fan and proclaimed after a few days, ‘Axl isn’t just giving us unconditional love, he’s showing us how to love unconditionally, and that’s a very important reminder to have on a daily basis!’ Our thanks go to everyone at Muttville Senior Rescue who made this possible for us.”

At last, Axl’s getting the life he deserves. Congratulations to the new family!

If you adopted a Muttville dog, we would love to feature you in an upcoming ‘Success Story’. Please contact success_stories@muttville.org with the Subject line ‘Success Story’

mariem3 | 08.23.12

Yaaaaay for sweet, Axl and family!

rosasmum | 08.30.12 07:45am

I am SO grateful to Tammy! I have had my eye on that boy for as long as he has been there, but I had had a LOT of Vet bills (3 dogs!) and knew I couldn’t take on another dog… He is the CUTEST little thing, and I know why you love him! I wish you all a delightful life together!

Mazel Tov, Axl!

THANK you to Muttville (and Melinda and Krisitn!) for giving him the time and effrot it took to find the family he was meant to be with!

OXOXO, Deb, and Brinnie!

DRS | 09.09.12 05:54pm

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