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Success Stories: Mother's Day Edition!

Whether you’re a Mutt Mom, a Mom Mom, or you have somebody you call Mom, we salute you! Did you know that at Muttville we have many in the triple-Mom category? Meet some our stellar mom-kid volunteer teams.


Mom Amy

My 14-year old son, Daniel, and I began volunteering at Muttville last August, and are fairly faithful Sunday afternoon/evening regulars. I must admit, that sometimes my motivation to get out of the house on Sunday afternoons lags a bit, and in an interesting bit of role reversal, Daniel starts urging me to get moving, saying he does not want to be late for our shift. Daniel loves his time at Muttville, and he is a wonderfully dedicated volunteer. During our three hours there, we rarely do the same tasks, and only bump into each other occasionally, which I had not expected when we started as volunteers. When we meet up at the end of the shift, we share notes on the drive home about our favorite dogs, and Daniel likes to tease me about my canine “boyfriends.”

I have been amazed and impressed with his willingness to do manual labor at the shelter, as that is not always the case at home. He has also become a fierce advocate for senior dogs, enthusiastically extolling their virtues to prospective adopters. Daniel’s work in the Muttville kitchen, prepping and administering medications and food for the dogs, has nurtured his interest in the medical field. I have truly appreciated how welcoming and encouraging Muttville staff has been of Daniel and me, and they have enabled Daniel to jump in and volunteer in a variety of ways. And his efforts are truly appreciated by staff-what parent wouldn’t want to hear praise about their child and his work, and see how proud it makes their child as a result?

I am truly proud of Daniel’s volunteer commitment to Muttville. I have seen his incredible compassion for the dogs, especially those most physically challenged. He has also shown that he can work well with others on a team, and has demonstrated impressive maturity and responsibility in his efforts. Volunteering has been a surprisingly wonderful opportunity for Daniel and me to see each other in new and different roles, and I am truly grateful that we have found Muttville.

Son Daniel:

When I started volunteering at Muttville I thought it would feel like work to me. But it is not work, I really enjoy it! I pressure my mom to leave the house every Sunday so that we can get to Muttville on time. It’s cool that there are tasks for both of us to do as Muttville volunteers. My mom is good at washing and folding laundry, and I love preparing food for the dogs. I love when we share stories about our favorite dogs and get excited when they get adopted or fostered. We bond over Muttville, and it is a great experience that we get to share every week.


Mom Michelle:

I would never have guessed that our happening upon a Muttville adoption event in October 2015 would have resulted in a weekly volunteer experience that my daughter is fully committed to, and turn me, a total non-dog person, into a person who enjoys dogs. My daughter has always been an animal lover and would gladly have as many as possible, but because our family is not home during the week much, we aren’t a good option to have a dog at home, so when Chiara had the opportunity to hop into a Muttville adoption pen and pet away, she was in heaven! She wanted to keep coming back every week and so we became regular attendees at the adoption events before we became official volunteers. I’ve been struck by how open and welcoming the staff and volunteers are at Muttville and how you can find the right niche for you. 

Everyone there saw a fellow dog lover in Chiara and took the time to show her the ropes and give her the opportunity to grow and take on more responsibility. When we are there we sometimes work together, but mostly she spends her time with the dogs (washing them, walking them, and giving some TLC especially to the ISO dogs) but also making sure the laundry is done and the ISO rooms are cleaned while I spend time chatting people up about Muttville. I love the fact that Chiara understands that there is more than just the fun parts of having a dog and that there is a lot of unglamorous work to make a place like Muttville work and she embraces that too. Her volunteer work has also allowed her to get more comfortable talking with people she doesn’t know because she is always happy to talk about dogs or what needs to be done around Muttville.

Shortly after the first dog that really captured Chiara’s heart (Louise) was adopted, I was getting her up for school one day and she said, “Oh I wish you hadn’t woken me up, I was having the best dream about Louise.” Each week there is a new dog that captures her attention, across all breeds and physical conditions, that finds their forever home because of Muttville’s great work that we’ve had the opportunity to be small part of, and becomes one of the dogs of her dreams.

Daughter Chiara:

My favorite dog was Louise, she followed me around and would not go anywhere without me. Typically, on the way home, my Mom and I talk about which dogs we liked and our favorites. Coming to Muttville makes me feel sad and happy. I feel bad for the dogs but I am helping. Coming with my mom is fun and I get to spend some extra time with the dogs, because we can’t have one.


Mom Roberta:

Sophie and I started volunteering at Muttville in 2015.  We initially thought we would be foster parents, which we were, immediately for a gorgeous schnauzer named Prince Charming, we had him for 2 days before he was adopted. We realized pretty quickly that we loved Muttville so much that we wanted to spend more time at HQ. We have been volunteering pretty much every Saturday for the last two years. But that’s not all, together we have transported dogs from LA, dropped off and picked up dogs from the vet, worked adoptions events all over San Francisco and become adoption counselor/closers. It has been truly awesome that this is something that we both love and that we love doing together.

I think that a lot of what has made our experience so rich is not just the amazing dogs (which were certainly the initial draw) but the people of Muttville. We had no idea there was such a huge network of people out there constantly communicating about animals that need to be saved and people to save them by car, by plane etc. It is clear to us that Muttville is not only saving dogs it is saving people.

We look forward to being a part of the Muttville family for a long, long time.  And at the moment we are totally and completely enjoying our adorable and sweet foster Calla Lily! 

Daughter Sophie:

I like volunteering at Muttville with my Mom because I love the dogs and the people and it’s a place where we can bond, plus we share a love of dogs.

When we leave for the day we don’t stop talking about the dogs and how cute they are. 

We make my dad suffer through our hour-long conversations about the mutts when we come home. 

My first favorite dog was Reese, she was a gray-black terrier mix. She crawled into my lap one day and I was hooked. 

mariem3 | 05.08.17

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