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Success Stories "Chickin", "Waffles" and "Acorn"

Success Stories "Chickin", "Waffles" and "Acorn"

Laugh and cry when you read this happy, cute story told by Bonni, the amazing mom of Muttville trio, Chickin, Waffles and Acorn:

I was lucky enough to meet and rescue my lady loves, Chickin and Waffles over 4 years ago. These two beasts have lit up my life (and countless others lives). I certainly was not looking for another fur-end! However, sometimes a patient at my work (Mission Pet Hospital) grabs my heartstrings and plays my favorite song. That is how I met my dapper little Acorn. I assisted with his bladder stone surgery. He was so fearful of everyone and everything at MPH…everyone but me. I held him and snuggled him through his induction and recovery and was immediately enamored.

Acorn was “adopted” 2 or 3 times and returned. He has very severe chronic collapsing trachea and had had some urinary issues. The last time he was returned, I took this as a sign. I brought Chickin and Waffles down to Muttville’s compound (snug in their cross bay travel backpack) to meet their new roommate (well, possible new roommate). The three lil poms rousted around Muttville gloriously and I decided Acorn had to come back to Oakland to stay with us. That was almost 2 years ago. These three weirdos, senior pomeranians are my joy. we love and take care of each other. There is nothing better than coming home after a horrible day at work and having my three freaky beasts jump and roll over each other to snuggle me first.

Thanks Muttville, for giving these weirdo vintage pooches a second chance. I’m sending some happy photos!


Bonni, Rob, Chickin,Waffles, and Acorn

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mariem3 | 07.30.14

Hi there, Bonni!! Such a great story, and I love the pix!! You’re right- there’s nothing better in this life than an armful (or two…or three) of pommy goodness!!

Rita | 07.31.14 08:09am

When these two chunksters first arrived at Muttville back in March 2010, I laughed so much watching them check out their new surroundings. They were like little, poofy, roly poly wind up toys bouncing all over the place. They were SO happy! I’m guessing that living the great life in their very own home with their very own people to boss around along with having Acorn join the mix, has only enhanced their love of life! Chickin, Waffles & Acorn super scored with you for parents, Bonni & Rob! Love it!

rosasmum | 08.03.14 11:46am

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