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Success Stories "Annie and Andy"

Success Stories "Annie and Andy"

Mutt mom Amanda admits that her two seniors were a challenge! Read their story:

Annie and Andy have officially been spicing up our lives for a year now! Here is an update on our exciting life with them.

Annie, whom we nicknamed “Mama,” is whole new dog. Muttville really saved her life, giving her the surgery she needed for her masses and hernia. After we had had her a few months, we discovered she also needed a tumor removed from her pancreas. It turns out she had had very low blood sugar the whole time- but her other maladies were so bad we didn’t notice! We did a successful GoFundMe fundraiser to help us pay for the surgery, and she has had ongoing chemo to keep the nasty cells in check. Two months ago, her blood sugar read normal for the first time! She still acts like we never feed her _ . With her back legs nice and strong after doing pup-pilates with Dr. Strubel at the Rex center, Mama Annie has become an energetic, playful little spitfire who pirouettes and bounces like a bunny when she is excited. You would never suspect she was the same dog that a year ago mostly slept and sat around just watching Andy play.

Andy is in great shape, and has come a long way in terms of his behavior. He has always been a good-hearted dog, but his leash reactivity was a challenge when we first brought him home. But after some classes that taught us how to work with him, he has improved immensely and continues to gain confidence and be more relaxed on leash.

I have seen so many Muttville dogs transform, even in the little time they spend at Muttville before finding forever homes. I hope our story helps encourage people that even after you bring your mutts home, they continue to evolve and become healthy and happy in body and mind.

Andy and Annie were challenging when we first brought them home and we were worried we would not be able to make it work. How glad we are that we stuck with it. They both have learned many commands, and have become much better behaved little citizens. They even let me brush their teeth! You can certainly teach old dogs new tricks, with patience, love and a lot of treats.

We are so grateful for the second chance Muttville gives senior dogs, and for saving Andy and Annie so they could complete our family.


Amanda and Greg

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org with the subject line ‘Success Story’.

mariem3 | 03.22.17

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