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Saying Goodbye to Jojo aka Cujo

Saying Goodbye to Jojo aka Cujo

I just got the most beautiful email from Jojo’s mom, Julie, and I need to share it with all of you, to anyone who has lost a pet, this is so heartfelt.

“I am very sad to let you know that Cujo (JoJo) crossed the rainbow bridge this morning. Here is a little compilation of my thoughts…somewhat therapeutic, I hope, as I am pretty devastated, yet happy that we had our brief time together.

Loving JoJo was easy. From the moment I saw his smiling face on line at Muttville to meeting him in person, I knew we were destined to be together. Although he was 16, mostly hairless, and didn’t see too well, the energy and enthusiasm he expressed each day was a pleasure to behold.

He dove (literally) into his food. Loving every bite. He knew that if you had one foot in the water dish, it could not get away. Sharing the bed in the sunshine was always a good idea if your friends let you snuggle with them. Having a nightlight on made it easier to find the food at night. It didn’t matter where you were going, just toddle on and you’ll get there.

Losing Joe this morning (Friday) was a surprise. He ate like a champion on Wednesday and climbed into the big basket-bed on Thursday to nap in the sun with friends. Although he was less interested in food on Thursday, I thought it was just that he overdid it the day before, and was not worried until he seemed disoriented in the early evening. Warm baby food, a soft blanket, and my lap seemed to get both of us through the night. As his breathing became labored, I called his vet at 8 am to get him checked, knowing what may be in store.

Before we left, I got on my knees and thanked God for bringing JoJo into our lives, and for the 3 short but meaningful months we had together. I asked Him to make it easy on both of us if we needed to say goodbye. Taking in an older dog may mean not having as much time together as we’d wish, but the time we have is worth everything…to them and to Doug and I in helping them feel safe and happy and loved with their needs being met.

God was faithful beyond my expectation. As I pulled into the Clinic, JoJo went limp in my arms and left this world in his time, not anyone else’s. With the warm heater, the car engine lulling him to rest, and his head resting on my arm, as little chi’s like to do, he went with a single last deep breath.

To Sherri and Muttville, there are not enough words to express my thanks for helping JoJo spend the last 3 months with us. He was loved beyond measure, and I know I am a better person for being able to give him that love. Your work is incredible and the benefit to both animal and person is unending. Thank you with all my heart for being the angel that saves those in such great need and allowing us to participate!”

sherri | 10.30.09

and this is what its about for the little seniors in our lives; they come to us from terrible circumstances, and sometimes not so terrible – but to give them the dignity and comfort in whatever years, months or weeks they have left as well as filling up our lives with their big personalities is what its all about.
Thank you Julie for giving this little man a wonderful last few months.
a big hug goes out to you.

dawgma6 | 10.30.09 01:43pm

although my immediate reaction was sadness because I did have the privilege to meet this sweet one, I was so touched to read the loving words of his mom, Julie. And it made me smile that he was in her loving arms when he passed. And to read how much Julie loved Jojo. How fortunate that their paths crossed, if even for a short time.

My thoughts go out to Julie and Jojo forever lives in Muttville memory.

mariem3 | 10.30.09 02:49pm

This is beautifully written. So much of what Julie wrote is like what I recall of Ira’s last day. He was my little 18-year-old toy poodle guy Ira who passed away in early August. He was larger than life like Jojo and didn’t give up until the very last day.

I was beginning to take in senior dogs before I heard of Muttville and now my heart is completely in sync with all that Muttville does and stands for.

Thank you, Sherri, for establishing this organization and allowing the rest of us to share in all the goodness exemplified by sweet lives like those of Jojo, Ira (even though not a Muttville alumnus) and all the rest.


BE | 10.30.09 05:56pm

Julie, thank you for filling JoJo’s last three months with love, warmth, comfort, and joy. Because of you, he left this world knowing that it was a beautiful place indeed.

DogsAreLove | 10.30.09 06:01pm

So sorry for your loss. Sounds like he had a wonderful 3 months with you. If that’s his picture you can tell he looks happy and content. I love people that adopt senior companions. They are always overlooked at the shelters. Thanks muttville for all you do and Julie, I’m so glad to know there are people like you out there. Thanks for sharing. Lori

gypsywild | 10.31.09 02:39am

Julie, what a wonderful testament to JoJo, and what a perfectly apt description of him – so funny, so sweet, so determined, so enthusiastic. And what a connection it sounds like you had. I am sorry that he is gone, but it’s wonderful to hear of your time together. It sounds like his life, after you rescued him, couldn’t have been more perfect. Heartfelt condolences.

jane | 10.31.09 10:56am

what a happy ending, I met Jojo too, he was the sweetest!

victoriasfca | 11.01.09 04:58pm

My deepest sympathy for Jojo’s passing. I am glad he found love towards the end of his life.Three months isn’t a long time but I’m sure he enjoyed every minute of it. I just lost my Queensland of 16 years and I know how much I received from my Toby versus what I gave him all those years. Muttville is doing great work and I am afraid of losing another dog but one can’t live that way can you? If you have love for a dog you gotta give it!

upkerry11 | 11.05.09 07:11pm

Dear Julie,

Since it flies so fast, maybe time doesn’t always matter. What truly matters is that you had the courage and compassion to give JoJo the greatest of all life’s wondrous gifts – the gift of love.

He really did look like a happy little guy.

May the sweet memories he gave you help your heart heal.

~ Amy

Sidris | 11.06.09 10:01pm

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