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Muttville on Oprah? DEFINITELY one of our favorite things!

At last it can be told! Muttville Founder Sherri Franklin and Volunteer Patty Stanton were sworn to secrecy by the Oprah show. Why? Because they were just specially invited to be in the audience of the super-secret show that aired just a few hours ago. And now the world knows the story. Here’s the inside scoop:

Two weeks ago, Patty was poking around on Oprah’s website late at night trying to find video clips from a previous show Oprah had on animals. Patty noticed that the producers were looking for submissions on “someone who has made a difference in your life or caused you to change.” She wrote about Sherri and the impact saving senior dogs has had on her – including adopting her own special little Muttville guy, Frankie.

Then she went to bed. About a week later, while pedaling the bike at the gym, a little light blinked on her phone, the incoming email said “Availability for the Oprah Winfrey Show.” What? A new kind of junk mail? No, it was for real! It said: You are invited to come to Oprah and sit in the “audience only” with your nominee. You have two days to decide and you’ll need to be here in ten days. Well, wow! But what does that mean? Should they go?

Will Muttville have any time on camera to talk about the plight of saving homeless senior dogs? Sherri and Patty took a chance, off to Chicago they went.

What if Oprah tosses the mic to them in the audience? They practiced on the plane, they practiced at dinner, they practiced in the cab – they were ready to talk to America about the worthiness of senior dogs who need a home!

Sherri & Patty got to Harpo Studios and stood in line. They met the people in front of them, two sisters, one of whom has placed sixty lost boys from Sudan with scholarships in Utah. They met the folks behind them, four ladies from New Jersey who had a new home built for a child with cerebral palsy who struggled in his current home. They were in amazing company and suddenly it dawned on them. They were standing in line for the ‘heroes’ show! An honor to say the least.

Meanwhile, out steps the audience from the earlier taping. Everybody was so laden with heavy bags they could hardly walk! Word quickly spread that it had been the annual ‘My Favorite Things Show,’ where Oprah hands out all kinds of goodies to the audience members.

So here was everybody from that first show walking past the audience for the next show with their big Oprah Bags O Booty! Some in the line were disappointed, but Sherri and Patty were still hoping for that minute or two of camera time!

The line moved, and in they went through heavy security. No cameras, no phones, coats checked, and only your wallet or small purse allowed. Into the Oprah holding room they went and were fed a lovely lunch. More waiting, more meeting other benevolent people from across America. Then the crowd of three hundred moves to the studio. A high-energy Oprah staff member does some warm-up, getting everyone pumped up for the Big O. Still, what is this show about?

Oprah then comes out and in her Oprah way said, “I bet you all were disappointed to see all those folks walk past you with all those bags of gifts!” Cheers. “Well, today we’re doing something we’ve never done before! It’s our second ‘My Favorite Things’ show, and it’s our last one ever! So get ready because this audience is filled with givers and I am giving back to you! I want you to enjoy them. Pass these gifts on if you want to, but accept them!”

Wow! Really? And so the show went on. Oprah’s favorite face cream, Hope. A fabulous Coach bag. Sequined Uggs! It went on and on. Oprah even handed out what she called her “favorite thing ever,” an iPad – loaded up with O Magazine!

And four hours later, after so much booty, and so much screaming, came one more favorite thing….and Oprah drove it onstage herself. A brand new VW Beetle! Not only is it new, it’s the completely redesigned one that isn’t out until September!

Sherri and Patty had caught the Oprah fever all right. What fun, what wonderful presents. And what a wonderful opportunity, they thought, to raise funds for Muttville!

So Sherri and Patty are giving others a chance to get their hands on Oprah’s Favorite Things, direct from her history-making show!

Muttville is holding an online auction Nov 22-Dec 6. Just click here and bid on Oprah’s Favorite Things to benefit Muttville and be a part of Oprah history. Most important, you’ll be helping Muttville save senior dogs.

And when you’re in San Francisco next year, if you see a new VW Beetle with a “Thanks, Oprah!” sign on it and Muttville’s logo, say hi to Sherri driving the new Mutt-Mobile filled with Pomeranians and Yorkie mixes on their way to adoption events. It’s true, you know: Every dog deserves a happy ending!

jane | 11.22.10

What a wonderful honor! Proud to be a Muttville Mom! Peep, Emo, and Boston (Tweedy) were with me as we watched. Knowing that you are donating these beautiful things to do even more good just makes me so excited to sing the praises of Muttville to anyone who will listen! Congratulations and well done!!!!

Julie | 11.23.10 08:20am

I saw the show yesterday…How exciting!!!!! Patty and Sherri, you are brilliant and wonderful….I am so proud to be a part…and I keep forgetting that Sam the old husky (who was a courtesy listing) and Gracee the old old old tzu are Muttville dogs…and they are STILL here….Can’t wait to see the Mutt mobile…..!!!! Love you gals!!!!!!!!!!!!Gail D.

ksnasat | 11.23.10 09:13am

Sherri and Patty – What a great thing for you and for Muttville! Proud to be Muttville parents, too – Deb and Greg and Grady Zipp

Zipplink | 11.23.10 01:03pm

I’m thrilled!! I love Muttville so much and so enjoyed fostering Muttville dogs. Congratulations!!! Yipee! You deserve it Sherrie and thanks Patty for writing that letter, which obviously really impressed Oprah. What a great Thanksgiving this is.

Kristina Yates, MFT
‘Home Away from Home,’
Small Dog Boarding

krisyat | 11.23.10 08:12pm

It couldn’t have happened to 2 nicer and selfless people. I am so happy for you and Muttville.

Amy | 11.26.10 09:37pm

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