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IT'S OFFICIAL! Muttville Has A New Home!

IT'S OFFICIAL! Muttville Has A New Home!

The Mutts are moving…into a home on their way home!

Muttville just signed a lease to move to a big new fabulous space!

It’s big, it’s bright, it’s ours!

There’s lots of room for Sherri, and for all of us mutts, and the volunteers too.

There’s a place for everything, we even have a cool kitchen, a commercial washer and dryer, a place for the new mutts coming in, a place for the vets to do a quick check up on us, and even a place to store stuff!

We’ve got plumbers and electricians working hard to make the space safe and warm, but we’ll need help getting the place clean and comfortable.

Anyone interested in donating services, like Moving, Construction, Carpentry, IT, Painting, Electricity, Plumbing, Design, and any other services to help us build our space?

We are also looking for recommendations on discount services and products – desks, paint, storage, supplies and furniture. You name it! Let us know!

If you can donate or volunteer to help us build our new home, please click here and fill out this form.

We’ll be keeping you informed through our website, Facebook, emails and all the rest about our progress!

‘This is a huge step in Muttville’s growth!’ says our founder, Sherri. ‘This new space will allow us to streamline our efforts to help old dogs!

Plus we want a place where we can serve our community in so many ways.’

Muttville’s new location is at the corner of Alabama and 16th Street in San Francisco, next door to SF SPCA. The actual grand opening date is TBD but we’ll be sure to announce it as soon as we can! If you can help us out with your talents, skills, and services, please let us know by filling out this form.

mariem3 | 08.09.12

Wooooo Hooooo!!!

rosasmum | 08.08.12 04:59pm

This is beyond exciting. A new era. Congratulations!

carol | 08.08.12 07:11pm

Amazing!!!!! So proud!

anne | 08.29.12 08:41pm

So Great!

victoriasfca | 09.12.12 09:01am

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