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Success Story Felicia

Success Story Felicia

Fospice life should be about enjoying life to its fullest. That is exactly what fospice mom Gina gives her girl Felicia every day. We’re so darn happy to bring you this wonderful update! Read about Felicia’s adventurous life, as told by mom Gina:

Felicia and I have been having a great time and you would never know that she is sick.

She gets along great with the other animals and knows when the horses and cows are out to stay clear and to not go into the pasture.

We walk every morning and afternoon. 3 days a week we go to Half Moon Bay for early AM boot camp workout at 5:15 am and she hangs out in the car while I do a 1 hour workout.

This last weekend was quite busy as we had 40 horseback riders come to the ranch to do some trail riding. One person brought her two poodles along and Felicia and the poodles got to ride along in the gator which all three enjoyed with a little girl riding in the back with them, who enjoyed holding Felicia. Felecia kept giving her licks.

When, we go places in the car, I notice that she knows where we are going by smelling the air from the vents. She is very smart. When, I ask her to go potty, she goes and when I tell her “down” or “go get it”, she goes!

Last week, she saved my cat from a fox that him cornered. She saved the cat by chasing the fox away. The cat and her became better friends after this event and now hang out and sleep together which is really cute.

I take Felicia with me to work when I can and everywhere that I go. This weekend with all of the people that met her, they loved her and couldn’t believe that I have only had her less than a month and she has adapted so well to her new home and that she listens to me. I lost my voice so I have been using hand signals and whistle with her and she listens great.

Thank you, again for bringing Felicia into my life.


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Success Story "Cesar #1770"

Success Story "Cesar #1770"

One of our most unforgettable rescue stories was Cesar. His mom Hilary pays tribute to their wonderful life together:

When I say his name, when I look at his pictures, when I think about him, it just always produces such huge warmth. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more cheerful, funny, and endearing dog!

Cesar has had several big loves in his life time and I feel the luckiest in being his final and maybe strongest one. Cesar’s inner beauty was beyond glorious, his sweetness never waned, and his undying devotion to me saw both of us through to the end this afternoon.

Although I have the honor of saying to the world that Cesar was MY dog, he really was a true Muttville dog in that he represented everything that this rescue group stands for. I was only one of many admirers of Cesar who was able to look beyond the outwardly unusual look he had about him, the rickety little walk, the round odd body that was so hug-gable and squeezable, the big eyes that had seen so many things in a lifetime. I know there was a “Super Cesar Fan Club”, but I have to say, hands down that I was the president and CEO of that club.

Thank you all for your kind words over the past three years and the appreciation expressed over my adopting what turned out to be a dog of a lifetime!

Tonight I tuck Cesar into my heart and know you will too….


Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org

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Success Story "Marco" 3527

Success Story "Marco" 3527

Sometimes we reach out to help those who need us. And they end up helping us. Thank you Marianne for sharing your heartfelt story:

Marco came to me early February, I was only going to foster him. But, when I took him back to Muttville for the weekend adoptions I knew in my heart that I couldn’t let him out of my life. Marco was blind is left eye, and the right eye had a very advanced cataract, basically making him a blind dog.

All my human emotions reached out to this little guy..I marveled at how he got around in a new environment, especially the stairs. He never seemed to get upset or even frustrated when he bumped into wall or a pole on a walk. He was so giving of his trust and love, instead of me saving him and taking care of him he was teaching me acceptance, trust and a nonjudgmental love. Marco’s right was evaluated and the retina was good enough for a lens replacement..on March 25th he had a successful surgery.

What is Marco like after surgery? Well, he doesn’t bump into poles, goes up and down stairs better than me and and often gives a passersby a very vocal greeting while sitting on the front porch. He is a little 12 pound poodle with one good eye but, who he is hasn’t changed but, I do believe I have..I hope I see the world through Marco’s eyes and open loving, trusting heart.

This is “our” success story.

Marianne and Marco

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org

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Success Story "Silas"

Success Story "Silas"

Fond memories of Silas from mom Heather. Thank you for sharing your love story:

Dear Muttville,

It has taken me several months to write this letter because writing it means that I am finally letting go of a great joy. I adopted Silas in August of 2013 and didn’t have much hope for him. He was big, hairy, blind, and practically toothless. His stomach was always irritated and his bowels sensitive. The first week he came to stay with me, the vet said he probably had throat cancer and would likely be euthanized. Well, Silas fooled us all! Not only did he not have throat cancer, but with the right diet and supplements, he rallied and flourished.

Silas was an easy-going old man who was a favorite among visiting dogs, people, and his own housemate cats, George and Julius. He was an SPCA calendar dog, featured as the month of May in their yearly calendar fundraiser. But mainly, Silas was a friend. Together, we played blind hide n’ seek where I could “hide” in plain view and he would find me as I called his name. Kind of like Marco Polo on land. He kept me company on our slow walks around the block, and his snoring lulled me to sleep at night.

Over time, Silas became more and more confused. “Doggy dementia,” the vet said. When he couldn’t find his way to his favorite basking spot in the grass, I knew it was time to let him go. I’ve never had to make that decision for a pet before. I know it was the right one for Silas, but saying goodbye is never easy. He crossed the rainbow bridge in July of 2015.

I would like to thank everyone at Muttville for allowing me to adopt Silas and make him a part of my family. He was my furry black thundercloud of happiness for two years. Even now, on really quiet nights while I lie in bed with a thousand thoughts swirling around, I can hear a gentle snoring coming from the floor. Though he’s gone, Silas’ sweet snoring still reminds me of what a blessing he was to my life. And I will cherish the memories forever.

Thank you,


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Success Story "Royal" 3638

Success Story "Royal" 3638

Who knew Royal could get any cuter? An awesome forever family proved there was room for more happiness – and cutness:

Dear Muttville:

May 28 was Royal’s 8-week adopt-a-versary and we are having a little party to celebrate.

Royal (aka Big Boy; my Little Man; Lovebug) has been a wonderful addition to our family.

He and big Sis, Fiona bonded the moment Royal arrived home and they have been together 24/7. When he first came home, Royal was a little scared. Fiona was able to reassure him in a way that I couldn’t. She always makes sure Royal is in her “line of sight”, even when napping.

Royal loves to play with squeaky toys, inspect every corner of the back yardand go for daily walks in his blueberry stroller with Fiona. As soon as Royal sees me tying up my sneakers, he knows we’re going for an outing and he begins to “Pommie dance”.

Although Royal’s intake information said he didn’t have much of an appetite, this little guy loves to eat. His favorite room in the house is the kitchen.

When he sees me getting his meals ready, he does the cutest little “wolf whistle” in appreciation and cleans his plate every time.

To everyone who might be reading this, and isn’t sure if adopting a senior is the right fit for you, giving Royal a forever home has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We just love, love, love him. Royal is a cherished family member and always will be.

Stop by Muttville headquarters and meet the Seniors. I guarantee you will fall in love.

Thank you Muttville for bringing Royal into our lives!

Love Arlene, Fiona and Royal

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org

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