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Success Story "Violet" a.k.a. Mona Lisa

Success Story "Violet" a.k.a. Mona Lisa

Bringing home a true Master Piece – our Mona Lisa… by mutt mom Rachael:

From a human perspective twelve years old is an age frame that is prepubescent. It’s a time where most kids are actively gearing up for their teen years, which includes reading boy band celebrity gossip, getting the low down of what a pimple is and generally preparing themselves for a long, lively, future ahead of them. Unfortunately, in many people’s opinions, the term “lively,” and “twelve” in regards to canines, are in no ways connected. That was the case when we rescued our twelve year old doxie Ginger, nearly two years ago. Her former owners, “thought she’d be dead already,” and as a result, took her to the nearest pound to get her off their hands. Luckily, someone saw enough sass and sweetness within her to take her from a seemingly unfortunate situation, to one with opportunity for an improved future. My husband and I, were lucky enough to be that future.

Ginger enjoyed napping mostly, and when she wasn’t burrowed in our bed, she was begging for seconds at dinnertime. Unlike her previous owner’s impression of her, she was anything but knocking on deaths door, and in fact, kept us going with her endless need of an arm to toss her beloved squeaker balls. When she got sick December of this past year, it was a heart wrenching experience. After we exhausted all of our options to remedy her situation, and she crossed over the rainbow bridge on Christmas day, my husband and I were sobbing in devastation. The feeling equated to what I imagine it is like when losing a close member of the family. In fact, she was our family-she was our kid. And I would give anything to throw a squeaker ball for her, even just one more time. Being her dog mom, was hands down, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

After some time and much conversation, we both decided the best way to honor Ginger’s life was to rescue another senior dog. A friend mentioned Muttville to us, and we did a bit of research. We went in with the intention of meeting a specific dog we had our eye on. The commonly known line, “sometimes, life doesn’t work out the way you planned,” was emphasized while we visited the doggie loft at Muttville. My husband was shown Violet, formerly known as Mona Lisa, a furry strawberry blonde terrier, who was tucked into an office because she indulges in jumping. And boy did she jump-right into my husbands lap. Before we knew it, we were signing paperwork, and taking our new fur baby home.

When Violet isn’t stealing her cat sibling’s bed, she loves to cuddle. I know you’ve probably heard that as a description for many dogs-but I mean it, she is the epitome of a woman who cries out in desperation in hopes to her hands on her celebrity crush. As a result, My husband and I assume the role of Brad Pitt, naturally irresistible. If she’s unable to spoon us, she will make herself known by rolling in the nook of our necks, as a way of saying “mom hold me, already will ya?!” Her old school class is shown through by her ultimate distaste for technology. Though she is grateful for her pals at Muttville for giving her, and her fellow rescue brothers and sisters, a voice through their social media accounts, she definitely is not on board with the concept. She loathes when my husband and I are on our phones, and constantly nudges us into submission to remind us that she is indeed there to pet. In fact she just swatted her paw at my hands as I typed this up. When we arrive home from a long day at work, she squeals in delight and raises her paws to be picked up and pepper us with kisses as a means to say “did ya miss me, cause it sure feels like you’ve been gone for weeks.”

Though the death of our beloved baby Ging was heartbreaking, it has allowed us the inspiration and openness to love again-and that discovery was made through Violet. When rescuing canines, most people use the phrase “saving a dog,” but in all honesty, she truly saved us.

Rae (Raechel)
Proud dog mom of Violet (Mona Lisa)

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org with the subject line ‘Success Story’.

You can help create many more new beginnings!
Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Donate.

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Success Story "Coffee"

Success Story "Coffee"

It’s a beautiful thing when a Muttville dog helps someone love again. That’s what Coffee did for Jennifer and her family. Enjoy Coffee’s love story:

We lost our dog, Lola, of 16 years this last summer. We were very hesitant about adopting a “senior” dog and looked elsewhere for a dog who would be a good fit for our family. Late one night, I made the choice: I was going to fill out an application to adopt a Muttville dog. On the application, along with other wishes, I specified that we would love a senior dog, “on the younger side.” Within a day, we got a response that said, “We have the perfect dog for you!” I was immediately put in touch with Coffee’s foster family. I received a lot of helpful information about Coffee: his personality, his tempermant, his diet, likes, dislikes, etc. Honestly, he was quite a bit smaller than what I wanted, but it didn’t take long for me to realize the small dogs do have many benefits! My husband, young sons (ages 11 and 9) and I met Coffee at his foster home where we all took a walk. He did really well and was so friendly and happy! It took us only the ride home to realize that Coffee was the dog for us.

We brought Coffee home a week or so later. It took him only a day or two to settle in to his new home. As I was told, he probably was going to attach to one person and I am very lucky to be that person! He is my little shadow. I go upstairs, he goes upstairs, I go downstairs, he goes downstairs, I go into the bathroom, you guessed it, he’s right there!! I take him everywhere I can. He goes with me to drop off and pick up the kids from school and practices, and he runs errands with me. He is also quite the kisser! He greets you at the door like you have been gone FOREVER, when really, you’ve just run to get something out of the car. He is happiest when I am by his side. He loves to sleep under covers or with a blanket over his head. The first few nights he was with us, I would constantly check on him to make sure he was able to breath under all those blankets! (My husband thought I was crazy.) He loves to sit on my lap while I’m working. If he’s not on my lap, he’s on his bed nearby. He also either has to sit on my lap while I am driving or on the lap of someone else. He just loves human companionship. At 7 years old, Coffee lives up to his name having good energy and spunk. Every once in a while, we have to give Coffee a gentle reminder that our three cats are not squeaky toys to be chased. One of his favorite pastimes is playing tug-o-war. He gets very serious about it.

Coffee is so lovable, funny and sweet. He is the perfect addition to our family. We have hit the jackpot in finding our Coffee.

Submitted by Jennifer, proud guardian of a Muttville dog.

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org with the subject line ‘Success Story’.

You can help create many more new beginnings!
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Success Story "Buddy" (a.k.a. Everett)

Success Story "Buddy" (a.k.a. Everett)

Check out this update about the ever so adorable Buddy, formerly Everett! He sounds like he is doing as great as ever! Thank you Rob and Laurie!

Buddy is doing great! Buddy settled in right away, completely understanding that it was HIS bed (king size) and that he would share it with us. Shortly thereafter we discovered that he particularly likes burrowing under the covers! (all our dogs have shared our bed, but this is a first!)

Initially he was a bit retentive and he still is in unfamiliar places. But if it’s a place he’s comfortable (his yard, his neighborhood, that perfect spot on the bedroom carpet…oops!) he’s now quite cooperative (unless it’s raining in which case he seems to always need a couple of extra minutes – I assume he’s just playing with us :)

He’s our constant companion (especially for Laurie) and we almost never leave him alone, which is just fine with him (and us)!

The pictures show him:
- In the convertible on a sunny day in Santa Cruz
- in his holiday sweater, with Laurie
- helping us garden (he hopped right up on the stones to supervise)
- and on his daily walk to the ocean

Overall he seems to be a happy, healthy little guy, and he’s a joy to be with!

Thanks for all you do, and especially for getting us the best Christmas present ever!

With great appreciation,

Rob, Laurie, and Buddy

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org with the subject line ‘Success Story’.

You can help create many more new beginnings!
Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Donate.

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Success Story "Codie"

Success Story "Codie"

There’s nothing more touching than when we get letters from the mutts! Codie penned his own success story, with a little help from mom, Loretta:

My name is Codie and I want to tell you my story. Nobody knows anything about me from before the accident, but that day, my life changed. The EMT’s found me under a car that was just in an accident. I didn’t belong to anyone involved, so they didn’t know where I came from or how I happened to end up under the car. I don’t remember the exact order of the next events, but I got checked out to make sure I wasn’t hurt and then I was at Muttville and my EMT rescuers fostered me. Life was good, but my EMT’s had crazy schedules and thought it best to actively start seeking my furever home. My EMT’s told me a Code 3 was a car accident and that’s how I got my name.

My little face was on the Mutts for Adoption page and my mom called up to make an appointment to come and meet me. A few days went by, and when she didn’t hear anything, she called back. They told her I had been adopted. She tells me she was so disappointed, but looked at some of the other seniors. The next choice was a real cutie, but when her fosters found out somebody was interested in adopting her, they said “nope, we love her too much to let her go.”

Mom gave up, but a few weeks later, she went back on the Muttville website and, low and behold, there I was again.

She called up immediately and said she was coming down to meet me that weekend. Now, here is where it gets really truly a sign it was meant to be. Not only did one of EMT fosters have off that day, but it was Maddies Adoption Day and I had no adoption fees. I don’t think dad was too impressed with me cause I was acting quite contrary, but my mom picked me up, signed the adoption papers and headed for the car and told my dad to make a donation to Muttville.

I acted quite indifferent for a while, cause the fact was, I had been pretty comfortable with my fosters. Now I got brought into a house and all of sudden I had five sisters. There was Charlie, a red toy poodle who was already 15 years old. The next oldest was Little Bit, a long hair Chihuahua who was 10 years old and then Bella, a 7 year old black Chihuahua (her coat was weird cause it wasn’t long and silkie like Little’s, but not flat like mine.) Next was the crazy sister Holly. She’s probably about 5 years old and is some kind of Chihuahua mix with a flat coat, but she’s built like a line backer. Lastly, there was Ruby, a 3 year old red chorkie (who makes up these names). I figured, who’s going to have time for me? Holly and Bella and Ruby came from different rescue groups around town just like me.

After a while, I began to sense an intense connection between me and my mom. Charlie had gone to heaven and mom sat on the couch with the rest of us for two days crying. Little Bit was the “queen”, but she was quite confident in her roll and didn’t seemed at all perturbed by my outing her from the center spot on mom’s lap. Ruby is dad’s buddy. They hang out together all the time. The more I snuggled with my mom, the more intense the love was getting. She said there’s something about my soulful eyes, my immediately warm feeling in her heart every time she picks me up, the way we snuggled at night and I sleep touching her at all times.

I found my furever home. And you know what the best part of it is. My mom told me the only restraints on me for the rest of life would be the string that connects her heart to mine.

Thank you to the people who lost me and didn’t look for me. Thank you to my EMT’s for rescuing me. Thank you to Muttville for the care I needed and the good work you do for all of us seniors. But mostly, thank you to my mom, who I know will give me the best life I could have ever hoped for.

Love, Codie Coles

Are you the proud parent of a Muttville dog? Send us your story! Include 3 of your favorite photos and send to success_stories@muttville.org with the subject line ‘Success Story’.

You can help create many more new beginnings!
Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Donate.

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Thank you, Mutt Guardians!

Thank you, Mutt Guardians!

Our “Thank You, Mutt Guardians” party held Friday, January 30th, 2015, was a huge success! We celebrated the wonderful and much needed support Mutt Guardians give to our mutts with great food, drinks, mutt guardians and our mutts.

Mutt Guardians is the special name we give to monthly sustaining donors who contribute money monthly all year round to help save the lives of senior dogs! Did you know that Muttville rescues more than 70 mutts a month; many of them from high kill shelters? Did you know that on average we spend $1,000 on each dog to prepare them for their forever home?

This month, we are kicking off our 2015 “Lovin’ Mutt Guardians” campaign which has a goal to double our mutt guardians from 375 to 750 in 2015. We need your commitment so that we can say “yes!” to many senior mutts and keep doing what we do from housing, feeding and treating these precious souls.

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

The mutts would love 750 Mutt Guardians by the end of the year. Help make their wish come true!

If you are currently a Mutt Guardian,
please consider increasing your monthly level of commitment by whatever amount you can afford. Every little bit helps.

If you are not a Mutt Guardian,
please become a Mutt Guardian by joining our special family of donors by signing up at MuttGuardian.Muttville.org.

Also, please spread the word!
We need more Mutt Guardians to join our family everyday so that we can make an even bigger impact in the lives of senior dogs.

We’ll be sharing more photos from the fun night on Muttville’s Facebook Page so be sure to follow us and share these photos with your friends and family!

Why become a Mutt Guardian?

A few reasons given by our Mutt Guardians:

“I can make a big difference in a mutt’s life.”

“All of us need a helping hand at some point, even the dogs.”

“Because I love my Grady & want more ’Grady’s’ to be rescued!”

Watch this video to see how Mutt Guardians make an impact on Muttville’s dogs every day.

View on YouTube

Our Mutts send you a big kiss and a huge thank you in advance for saving a life.

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