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Adopted Mutts of the Week: June 11-24

Adopted Mutts of the Week: June 11-24


These senior mutts have found their forever homes:

Ellie May
Jack 3
Piper 2
Coco Lady
Fred and Jim

Thank you to all of our fosters, volunteers and supporters who joined us in this past weekend’s festivities:

2012 Pride Parade, June 24 – Check out all the photos on Muttville’s Facebook Page

Our monthly Mill Valley event, June 17th – Thanks to those who spent Father’s Day with Muttville!

Every dog adopted means another life we can save. There’s a perfect senior waiting for you! Click here to see all of our mutts.
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Muttville Gets in the Spirit of "Take Your Dog To Work" Day!

Muttville Gets in the Spirit of "Take Your Dog To Work" Day!

June 22 is a special day for dogs and their moms and dads. Although many businesses these days are “pet-friendly”, many dogs today are getting a day off from doggy daycare…and spending the day at work!

That’s right…it’s “Take Your Dog To Work” Day. How are you enjoying your day with your dog?

Do they like to gossip by the water cooler? Are they excited about the cappuccino maker? Or are they constantly checking out the clock, waiting for Happy Hour? Let us know, and post a photo of you with your dog at work. We’ll post them on Muttville’s Facebook page!

What should be your dog’s task for the day? How about getting your co-workers and fellow dog-loving friends to vote for Muttville in Toyota’s 100 Cars For Good Contest? Everyone just votes once, and today only. The winner gets a new Toyota Sienna!

We hope all the working doggies today enjoy their special day!

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Muttville's "Muttmobile" with Special Guests Jane & Gina from The Go Go's in SF Pride 2012 Parade This Sunday

Muttville's "Muttmobile" with Special Guests Jane & Gina from The Go Go's in SF Pride 2012 Parade This Sunday

Muttville has some rockin’ support from all kinds of big-hearted folks but we’re especially glad to announce that Jane Wiedlin & Gina Schock from the Go-Go’s are raising the roof for the old dogs this weekend!

Jane & Gina are Muttville’s special guests on Sunday for the annual San Francisco Pride Parade. What fun! Music, drag queens, clowns and dogs!

After Muttville’s Founder Sherri was given that hot VW Beetle MuttMobile on Oprah’s last My Favorite Things Show, we thought, “we should drive in the parade with our senior dogs marching and strolling behind it!”

It got even better with the idea of asking Jane & Gina to be towed in a giant dog bed surrounded by dogs!

Like all of us at Muttville, Jane & Gina believe you should Adopt, Don’t Shop! And we are honored to have them. The Go Go’s say “we got the beat” and Muttville mutts sing, “we got the bark!”

Join us on Sunday! Click here to get all the details on how to join or follow Muttville at the 2012 San Francisco Pride Parade.

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7th Grader Josh Raises $1000 for the Senior Dogs of Muttville

7th Grader Josh Raises $1000 for the Senior Dogs of Muttville

What an inspiration for children and adults alike! Josh is a student at The Wornick Jewish Day School. As part of a school project, Josh collected over $1000 for Muttville.

In Josh’s own words, he describes why he chose Muttville.

“I am a 7th grader named Josh Lipson. In my school every year, we have a project called the Tzedakah project. In this project each student selects one organization to research and donate to. We also choose a topic. The general topic I chose was animal abuse. The organization I chose was Muttville.

Unfortunately thousands of dogs are killed every day, millions every year. The two main reasons are puppy mills and not neutering and spaying animals. Puppy mills are gruesome facilities that make a profit off selling animals. They house them in cages with hay on the bottom. They breed and breed and breed. This leads to the over-population of animals. And if there are too many animals. They have to be euthanized. This can all be stopped. By taking a stand and donating to amazing organizations like Muttville. Muttville is a great organization that deserves respect. They aren’t working in self interest, they are working for the greater good.”

This year long project is a study of philanthropy that begins with the students identifying causes they believe are important. The students investigate various societal problems or diseases and the various organizations that support these concerns. Based on their research, students choose both a cause and an organization. The student then interviews key people at their organization to gain a deeper understanding of how the organization works including hard facts and numbers like how many people are served and the budget of the organization. Armed with this information, the students create and drive their own fund-raising campaign. Typically, each 7th grader year drives an effort that raises $1000 to $1500. This money is pooled into a class-wide Tzedakah fund. In the spring, each student presents their organization and advocates for it with their classmates. Based on the information shared, the class becomes a non-profit board which allocates the total funds to each project. The project culminates with a moving ceremony in which representatives from each organization come to school and are presented with a check.

Thank you to Josh and The Wornick Jewish Day School for this amazing donation and program!

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Adopted Mutts of the Week: May 28 - June 10

Adopted Mutts of the Week: May 28 - June 10

Thanks to Maddie’s Matchmaker Adoptathon, June 9 and 10, we had phenomenal results!

24 of our senior dogs were adopted from the event alone.

Congrats to our newly homed mutts and their adopters:

Max 12
Mr. Pinkerton
Cinnamon Girl

Every dog adopted means another life we can save. There’s a perfect senior waiting for you! Click here to see all of our mutts.

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Success Story "Cara Mia"

Success Story "Cara Mia"

Thank you, Emily, for this tribute to your sweet girl.

Cara Mia
? – May 28, 2012

The ‘?’ above is one of two important pieces of Cara Mia’s life that I will never know…when was she born and what her life was like before she became part of our family…

But I do know about Cara Mia’s last two and a half years. She stopped people in their tracks with her cuteness. She sat like a princess/sphinx/primadonna in any bed watching the world go by. She preferred solitude over large groups. She pranced and ate with abundance when she was feeling well. She was smart and gave me plenty of creative opportunities to get her to do something I wanted and/or needed her to do.

She very much had a mind of her own…which was funny or challenging or both.

While she was often sick, she did try to rally over and over and over again…and she did just that until now.

Her wagging tail brought smiles and relief in knowing she was happy. Her selective licks were her treats to us. Her jumping into my arms and her snuggling next to me was proof that she grew to love and trust me.

And all of that is immensely important.

Goodbye for now, our little girl. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to treat you with love and kindness. Please tell Boomer we miss and love him. He is probably with Lily and Bubbazo…tell them we send our love too.

Always remember that you are our pup-of-love and we love you so.

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YOU Can Help Our Dogs Travel in Style in a New Car! Vote on JUNE 22!

YOU Can Help Our Dogs Travel in Style in a New Car! Vote on JUNE 22!

Muttville was chosen out of thousands of non-profits to have a chance to win a Toyota Sienna so the dogs can ride in style to adoption locations!

Only YOU can help us win, so get your mouse ready to click just once when we ask you to vote for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on June 22 in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program!


Want a reminder to vote on June 22?
Go to the above link, select VOTE from the top menu, then slide to DAY 40. Click on the MUTTVILLE box, then the orange REMIND ME button to have Toyota send you a voting reminder on June 22. Thank you!

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