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Success Story "Thurman"

Success Story "Thurman"

Founder Sherri Franklin shares the happy story of Bentley, a Muttville dog who went from being a lonely stray to a loved dog with an amazing life on a vineyard.

I received an adoption application a couple of years ago for a Muttville St. Bernard dog that said,“We consider our dogs to be part of the family so they do whatever we do – road trips, going to the beach, park, running errands (only if someone stays in the vehicle with them), and visiting other dog-friendly friends.”

I knew this was going to be a good thing for Mr. Bentley, a senior St. Bernard found wandering the streets of Stockton! In addition, this big guy was not only going to have a yard but a yard made of acres!

Bentley was going to now be called Thurman and he’d be a vineyard dog in Sonoma. That sure beats the heck out of the Stockton Animal Shelter.

“We have always enjoyed sharing the couch with our dogs.” This 90 pound beauty brought love and laughter to his new adopters, a couple who truly love their dogs.

“We want to adopt a dog who may have a difficult time finding a home because of age, illness, size or any special needs.” This is the kind of application that makes me swoon!

“We have the time, love, patience and financial resources to give this type of dog a wonderful quality of life which he/she deserves.” Thurman had a great new beginning with Robin & Steve and we’re glad Thurman’s last few years were spent in their loving, happy home.

His heart gave out this week and he now resides in doggie heaven, where he has many new friends, I am sure. I had the pleasure of seeing Thurman in action just a few weeks ago, chasing the ball like a big lumbering Labrador wanna-be and I bet he is doing that right now with his new pals.

If you adopted a Muttville dog, we would love to feature you in an upcoming ‘Success Story’. Please contact success_stories@muttville.org with the Subject line ‘Success Story’

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Adopted Mutts of the Week: May14 - 28

Adopted Mutts of the Week: May14 - 28

Thanks to your efforts – our foster parents, volunteers and supporters – here are this past week’s lucky Muttville seniors who found forever homes:

Big Ben
Haley Bop
Miss Maisey

Thanks to all who joined us on Sunday at our monthly event at Mudpuppys. And another big thanks to everyone who marched with us or came to cheer us on in the Mill Valley Memorial Day parade. Boy did we have fun! Check out our fun photos on our Muttville Facebook page

Every dog adopted means another life we can save. There’s a perfect senior waiting for you! Click here to see all of our mutts.

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Adopted Mutts of the Week: May 7 - 13

Adopted Mutts of the Week: May 7 - 13

Thanks to your efforts – our foster parents, volunteers and supporters – here are this past week’s lucky Muttville seniors who found forever homes:

Lily 2
Lola Belle

Thanks to all who joined us this Sunday on Mother’s Day in Mill Valley. it was a very sweet day for our doggy moms and especially for our adoptable dogs who got lots of love throughout the day from visitors and volunteers.

Every dog adopted means another life we can save. There’s a perfect senior waiting for you! Click here to see all of our mutts.

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Success Story "Maxwell", Muttville's 1000th rescued dog

Success Story "Maxwell", Muttville's 1000th rescued dog

It has been one year since Muttville celebrated rescuing its 1000th dog! His name was Maxwell, and he carried this title proudly!

What happened to Max? Read his success story, written by his mom, Chandreve:

About a year ago, our companion Mara passed away, leaving Abby without a pal. Abby is about nine years old and missed having a friend while we were at work. For about three months we fostered a younger dog, but we found that Abby was often frustrated with her boundless energy. We decided that Abby needed an age appropriate companion. Our local animal shelter directed us to Muttville and through them we found the dog of our dreams, Maxwell.

We just love Maxwell! He has wiggled his way into our hearts and has folded into our household seamlessly. Maxwell already knows our schedule and wakes us up at 4:30 a.m. promptly, so we can go to one of East Bay Regional Park District’s parks for an off-leash hike. Although Max and our other dog Abby weren’t instant pals they have grown on each other. They have become hiking and napping buddies and have banded together to defend the perimeter against any invading squirrels. Max has become the official greeter for our friends and family, and runs down the steps to welcome them; he has such a great personality and loves to be in the thick of things.

Maxwell is a talker and makes lots of noises while we’re getting ready for a walk, heading for bed or when he’s just in the mood. Recently he jumped off and on the bed repeatedly in the wee hours of the morning, growled and tugged until we woke up; minutes later there was an earthquake. We all feel safer with Maxwell in our lives.

We can’t say enough about how wonderful the volunteers are at Muttville. Several volunteers met us and Abby at a local park giving the whole family a chance to meet potential new companions. Maxwell’s foster Mom was friendly, warm, and open about all of Maxwell’s little quirks so there were no surprises. Well maybe—a few pleasant surprises.

We just can’t imagine life without our furry friend, and are so glad we found out about Muttville and Maxwell.

If you adopted a Muttville dog, we would love to feature you in an upcoming ‘Success Story’. Please contact success_stories@muttville.org with the Subject line ‘Success Story’

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In Memory of Muttville Mascot, Dewey

In Memory of Muttville Mascot, Dewey

On May 1st, Muttville lost a precious soul. Of course, every dog that comes through Muttville is special, but undeniably Dewey stood out amongst the crowd at the Muttville headquarters.

Dewey came to Muttville in early 2010. This poodle was about 12-14 years of age.  He came from a home where he was subjected to domestic violence his entire life.  After the abused spouse fled from the marriage, Dewey was left alone with the perpetrator, where he was mistreated & neglected for several years.  He was finally taken from his situation and put in the shelter, where his matting was so bad that his eye lids were “glued” open.

Muttville received the call on this sad, abused dog, and took him under its wing.

Rightly so, Dewey did not like people.  For a year, no one could get away with the gentlest pet without him snapping at their fingers.  He was not adoptable because of this.

Muttville made him a forever dog at the headquarters.  Dewey endured so much pain and abuse his entire life, that Muttville couldn’t bear to put him to sleep without giving him a taste of the good life; lots of love, attention and TREATS!

So Dewey grew and gained confidence.  Volunteers knew to mind his space and he acclimated to his new life.  By the end of his life, he was many of the volunteers’ favorite Muttville dog.

At the end of his life, Dewey started having seizures, and like most old dogs, had a hard time walking.  On May 8th, Dewey’s poor old body gave up, and he was peacefully put to sleep at the headquarters, surrounded by his loved ones.

In Memory of Dewey

“I remember vividly that day in February when he arrived, only small patches of fur, his pink skin flaky and irritated, thin, scared and on the defense. Not that anyone blamed him, but we loved on him and he eventually returned what he had to give. Not the snuggly, buggly type, we accepted him for who he was, bad attitude and all. It’s been sad to see his decline, but knowing he always had the best of everything-people, environment, care, food and adventure-during his last years here is something to remember. Dew Bug deserved his new beginning and I’m grateful to have seen him in what were undoubtedly his best years.”-Josie

“Dewey, Dewball, Dewbug – you symbolized Muttville so well! I remember when you walked with us in the Pride Parade, running along the crowds of people, wearing your colorful gear so proudly! As your health took a toll on your little spirit, you found comfort in your own private spaces at Muttville manor. We all understood, you’d been through a lot. It won’t be the same without you, Dewey. We’ll always love you.”-Marie

“He was his own Dewey self on Monday. Tested out a new ramp for treats (of course) and allowed me a quick petting behind his ears…but he didn’t seem sick. I’m so grateful that his last days were not filled with vets touching him and pills to be taken or to be away from his home. Thank goodness for Muttville.”-Lucinda

“Dewey and I both came to Muttville around the same time, and he has just been a lesson to me in how much dogs can change and grow if there is someone to put in the effort to work with them. He was so understanding and patient with the other dogs in the house. Hopefully he found peace in moving on though he will be greatly missed at the headquarters.”-Meryl

“Dewey never failed to make my day. One look into his soulful eyes brightened my day more than he’ll ever know. Thanks Dewey. You are missed.”-Meredith

“Dewey was one of a kind… a canine Woody Allen without the child bride/step-daughter.  He didn’t suffer fools but made friends easily- if you had treats!  He will be missed.  All dog walking volunteers loved Dewey.  Not everyone has 10 fingers left, but we loved Dewey. (and kept our tetanus shots current!)”- Amal and Teri

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Success Story "Mr. Mouse"

Success Story "Mr. Mouse"

Talk about a success story! Read about Mr. Mouse (a.k.a. Sprite) written by his loving parents, Danielle & Cooper:

In October 2007, my ornery yet beloved cat, Lucia “CheeChee”, passed away. I was very sad and wasn’t sure I when I’d be emotionally ready to have another pet. Thankfully, Danielle is a Pomeranian-obsessive and had her own furry Pomeranian child, Frances, to help heal my heart. I was a die-hard cat person, but Danielle and Frances were quickly and persuasively changing my mind.

A friend of ours who was on Muttville’s board at the time told us about Muttville and suggested that fostering a dog might be a good way for me to share my love with an animal before I was ready to fully commit. Danielle and I were nervous but excited by the idea of being able to help rescue a dog and Muttville seemed like such an amazing organization. For months, I visited Muttville’s website and looked at each and every dog, looking for my future friend. I wanted every dog I saw and I emailed about a couple of them only to find out they had been adopted or already had a foster family. (Don’t worry. There are plenty of pooches to go around. Muttville has grown since then and are always looking for new folks willing to foster and/or adopt!) Then, one day in the late summer of 2008, I saw this little Pomeranian named Sprite (who would go on to become Mr. Edward Mouse) and immediately emailed Muttville. One look at Sprite’s photo of his somewhat crazed little face and I was smitten!

Sprite had an amazing volunteer and temporary foster parent, Rachel. She understood that while we were interested in eventually adopting a dog, and quite possibly Sprite, we wanted to start as foster parents while Frances the Queen Pomeranian sniffed around and decided if she could “tolerate” his ragamuffin self in her home. You see, Miss Frances is a perfect little princess and well, Sprite, had lived a harder life and was a bit scruffy around the edges.

Sprite came for a couple of visits to meet Frances and her BFF, Calvin. Ever protective of Frannie, Calvin insisted on being there to check him out. Well, for us, it was love at first sight. Who were we kidding with this whole “fostering” thing? At least for Danielle, who know from the get-go that we’d give this pooch his forever home, Sprite fit perfectly into our equation. I was a bit more nervous wanting to be sure Frances and he would get along. There was this initial “humping episode” that spooked me but when the ladies of the house want something, they tend to get it! So, I opened my heart and let the little guy trot his way into our home and hearts.

We renamed him Mr. Mouse because he both looks like a mouse and has a bit of a formal, “old-man” air about him. Believe it or not, it’s our 4 year anniversary with Mouse this September! Frankly, none of us has a clue how old he is. The vets have been saying “14?” for years but aside from a practically toothless smile, enalpril for his heart, and the occasional back spasm, Mr. Mouse is still going strong! In fact, he outpaces all of us on our walks. Take him to the beach and he will just run and run…The guy LOVES his walks.T

Muttville has brought such joy into our lives. They rescue the dogs who need to find a loving home, but they also rescue us humans along the way.

Thanks to Sarah Jo Neubauer, Sherri Franklin, and all of Muttville for doing so much good.

PS. Since 2008, we’ve also adopted an old lady Pom who we adored named Gigi (may she rest in peace) and successfully fostered and adopted out two other lady Poms named Miss Em and Olivia, both of whom are currently living the good life in Napa and Benicia, respectively.

If you adopted a Muttville dog, we would love to feature you in an upcoming ‘Success Story’. Please contact success_stories@muttville.org with the Subject line ‘Success Story’
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