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Our Adopted Mutts of the Week: Aug. 22-28

Our Adopted Mutts of the Week: Aug. 22-28


Here are this past week’s lucky Muttville seniors who found forever homes, thanks to the efforts of our foster parents, volunteers and supporters:
Prince Willy

Special Thanks goes to Pawtrero Bath House & Feed Co for hosting our Sunday Outreach event. And thank you Rachelle for taking this great photo of Elvis and his new family.

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Success Story Pepper

Success Story Pepper

Pepper is a very special little Pom. In fact she is so special that she decided that she wanted to tell her own story! In the words of Pepper, here is how she found her forever home with her family, Jennifer and Stephanie:

I knew from the moment I saw her that she was the one. She had come over to Sherri’s to see a dog called Honey Bear and before leaving, she asked to be introduced to the other available mutts. That’s when she ventured upstairs to the shoe closet where I was waiting for my prince/princess to come.

Since arriving at Muttville from the mean streets of San Jose, I had been hanging out upstairs, enjoying the peace and quiet. When Jenny walked through the door and sat herself down, I could tell what she was thinking – although growing up with dogs, she’d never had small, fluffy one like me. She thought of us as fashion accessories, carried around in purses. I knew she wasn’t looking for a dog like me and gave me a skeptical look when I jumped on to her lap and Sherri remarked, “look at that, she really likes you!” “I bet she says that to everyone,” I could hear Jenny say in her head as she walked off to check out another dog, a spunky terrier named Fancy. My heart sank when I heard her say that Fancy was more her type – medium sized, a little scruffy and who could keep up on hikes, bike rides and long walks.

A couple days later, Jenny returned, this time with Stephanie, to take Fancy up to the dog park. Since Stephanie was there too, they decided to take me along as well. I had just had a dental and was still getting over my anesthesia, so I was moving a little slower than usual. Thankfully, Stephanie helped me up the steps that lead to the park. I could tell Jenny was saying to herself, “see, no way a little Pom would work for me.” She was absorbed with trying to get Fancy to walk calmly on the leash and not run wildly all over the place and hardly noticed I was doing everything I could to get her to notice me.

When Jenny and Stephanie returned, they found out that Fancy was probably going to be adopted by someone else, but Sherri suggested that they foster me for a couple of weeks just to see if having a dog in their lives would work. Jenny was indeed concerned that a small condo and full-time job might not be the best environment for a dog, so fostering sounded like a good way to try things out. Since I seemed well-mannered and polite, she thought I would be a good dog to introduce to Ginger, the cat of the house. So, it was agreed that on July 2nd I’d come over to a 2 week visit.

Jenny took that day off so that she could get me settled in and that weekend we went up to Sonoma to spend some time with Stephanie’s family. Everyone I met fell in love with me, but I wasn’t quite sure how Jenny felt. She’s the strong silent type and probably didn’t want to admit that she could fall for a fluffy little Pom like me. As the days went by, however, I could tell that her heart was starting to melt. She took me everywhere, even to work, and when we went for walks up and down the steep hills of Potrero Hill, she’d pick me up if I started to fall behind and hold me up by her shoulder so we could chat about the day. When Jenny called Sherri to ask it if was OK to take me to Bernie’s for a bath and haircut, we all knew that I wouldn’t be going back to Muttville. Jenny had realized that despite herself, I was in fact the perfect dog for her and she couldn’t imagine life without me. She might not have thought that I was the dog she wanted, but I showed her that I was exactly what she needed.

It’s been three years now and I can’t remember what life was like before Jenny, Stephanie, Ginger and I became a family. We’ve been on many great adventures and every day we are together is a gift. Thank you, Muttville, for my fairy tale ending!

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need.” – Rolling Stones

You can ‘friend’ Pepper on Facebook!

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Our Adopted Mutts of the Week: Aug. 15-21

Our Adopted Mutts of the Week: Aug. 15-21


Here are this past week’s lucky Muttville seniors who found forever homes, thanks to the efforts of our foster parents, volunteers and supporters:
Porkchop, Tonka 2, Elvis, Breezy, Skipper, Shilo, Chevy, and Bubba!

Special thanks to Pet Food Express, and a fun event, the Grand Re-Opening of their Market St San Francisco location. Muttville had the unique opportunity to be the first organization to use their new Adoption Center room.

See the fun photos published by SFGate:
Volunteer Ian RIff with Breezy, Leo, and Jeannie
Pork Chop being walked by his new mom

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Our Adopted Mutts of the Week

Our Adopted Mutts of the Week


Here are this past week’s lucky Muttville seniors who found forever homes, thanks to the efforts of our foster parents, volunteers and supporters:
Marty, Tommie, Farley, Max, Sammy, Khloe, Jake, Kody, Sarah, Lacey, Nellie

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Success Story Henry

Success Story Henry

This is not just a Muttville success story about a mutt once named Scotty, now named Henry. Written by his mom Cara, read about Henry and Cara, two success stories that began after they found each other and changed each other’s lives in positive ways.

It all started with # 383. His name then was Scotty and when my husband Justin and I walked through to door to Sherry’s house and into to a cacophony of barks welcoming us to the official headquarters of Muttville, he was anxiously sniffing and watching as the other more forward dogs charged us. Justin sat on the couch and I stood next to Sherry and began explaining: “We’re just here to foster a pup…I got a new place and we can have dogs, but we’re thinking we don’t know if we’re ready for the long term commitment.” There were 2 other ladies there checking out the moving mass of fur and paws- a bit overwhelmed as well. It was quite the scene of energy, excitement, anxiety and anticipation.

Things calmed down a bit and that’s when this little senior dog made his move. His white fluff was a dingy gray at this point and his eyes were watery and lost. These were the symptoms you would expect from anything that had been through his recent dramatic life changes: from years with a cozy house and family to cold shelter, then to a new house with 13 other dogs and a future undefined. In the next moment, the sea of pups seemed to part and he moved forward, put his paws on my shins and stared upwards in silence. I was a bit startled by the calm move. While the rest of the dogs continued their alarm barking, Scotty continued to gaze at me. I stared back, then turned to Justin and said “Oh no…he’s coming home with us now.” Justin nodded with resignation knowing now that the foster gig was short lived and we gathered our new family member and took him straight for a bath. Scotty became Henry and millions of hugs later, he’s found a place in our hearts.

The story doesn’t end here, though. Henry has brought more to our lives than TLC…he helped me found a business. When I got Henry, I wasn’t prepared to be a long-term caretaker and having a full time career in Human Resources, I had to find walker immediately. My search began in earnest the day after we brought Henry home. I started asking around, looking online and reading what I could about finding a perfect match for your pup. Unfortunately, I wasn’t finding what I wanted: a daily outing (more than just a walk around the block) of at least an hour at a local park, a dog walker with solid educational or real world animal behavior experience, a service that was managed and not just a side job for someone, groups of no more than 6 dogs and a company with a bent toward environmentally friendly business practices. I was picky. I was also an HR Director who knew how to hire people. The solution became Canine Crew, my very own business where I could hire the exact people I wanted who loved Henry and any other pups that may want to enjoy a daily outing.

Now, two years later, Canine Crew has grown to 5 experienced walkers, a fabulous General Manager and more than 30 dogs who get to enjoy top notch care from outings to dog (and people!) training, to overnight boarding and sitting. Muttville has provided more than a home for a dog that needed love, it has provided a livelihood for 6 people, ongoing love and attention for the pups we service, and the excitement of starting a small business for a woman who wouldn’t have tried if not for a loving dog that made the decision to do it very easy. I never forget that. In order to pay it forward, I am extremely proud to say that in the first half of this year, we were able to donate $1,000 to Muttville and we expect to do the same for the second half as well. I can only hope that this money helps bring another dog to a loving home and helps inspire them to do something wonderful. You’d be surprised what a little dog can do.

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Success Story Sparky

Success Story Sparky

He came to Muttville as Bobo, and now Sparky is in a wonderful forever home. Read about his new happy life from his dad, Francis:

I love Sparky, aka Bo, so much that I couldn’t even put it into words, and I swear that he actually does his best to protect and look after me. Sparky is the most wonderful dog that I have ever known, and I can’t tell you how many times a day I tell him how much I love him. We are totally aclimated to each other and from the first few days when he slept on his bed, to now when we sleep together and he makes sure that our bodies are touching. I wake up now if we lose contact, but we correct that situation right away. I took 100 or so pictures of Sparky doing all kinds of things, and all kinds of nothing that only his Daddy would find cute and charming. Two weeks ago I gave him his first bath and I got rid of the tangles that he had at the base of his tail and and on his hind legs. I don’t know if he enjoyed his bath, but still he was very well behaved. I keep Sparky on his lead but I may give him 10 feet or so to roam a bit, but he is never out of my sight, and I can pull him in, should strange people or animals approach us. I’m not about to have anything happen to Sparky and I think he appreciates my care because no matter what I may be doing, Sparky will always find a place to lay down and rest where he can watch me.

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Success Story Stella

Success Story Stella

Thank you to StubbyDog for first publishing this article about Muttville’s Stella (once named Smoochie). StubbyDog is a non-profit, 501©(3), focused on changing public perceptions of pit bulls.

“A 9-year-old pit bull celebrates finally having a family to call her own” by Tommy Zervas (Stella’s new forever dad)

Stella, a beautiful, red and white, 9-year-old female pit bull, came into my life on June 3, 2011. Josie, from San Jose, had been fostering Stella (who was then called Smoochy) and drove all the way out to my place in the Richmond district of San Francisco, just so that Samson, my 14-year-old terrier/poodle mix, and I could meet her. It was love at first sight for me.

Samson, however, had mixed feelings about this 68–pound creature that was getting way too much attention from his own human.

We kept Stella, purely on a trial basis (although I had already decided to keep her), to see if we could possibly become a happy family.

For Stella, this was yet another new environment – she had been at the Marin Shelter prior to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue taking her in and placing her in foster care. The first night the big girl stepped up onto the cedar chest at the foot of my queen-sized bed and just stared at me as if to ask permission to come up and join Samson and me. I was so impressed by this massive dog’s politeness. Someone had trained her. She sits when I ask her, stays, comes (most times) and gives enormous kisses upon request.

As our adventure began to unfold, I found that most people, especially those at parks, were excited to welcome Stella’s warm greeting. Pit bulls, I had found, are not as frightening to most people as I had previously believed.

Stella is a kind and gentle animal with child-like emotions that allow her to feel great happiness from the smallest of gestures. She is also as graceful, if not more so, than any other dog I’ve had in my life, even though her size and weight alone could total any three of them. Feeling confident about taking her along with me to the doctor’s or dentist’s offices was a concern for me at first, because I’ve always been welcomed to bring Samson along with me, in fact encouraged, whenever I have an appointment.

Well, the first time I had an appointment with my primary physician, Ms. Stella, as well as Samson of course, came right into the waiting room, where she was greeted with great warmth by fellow patients, as well as the entire staff. I had the same concern with taking Stella to see my good friend who runs a store in the Haight. I like to visit him a few times a week and generally hang out to shoot the breeze for several hours at a time. But time flies when you’re visiting a good friend, and I was afraid that I might have to shorten my visits if Stella was not comfortable in the store’s environment or if the customers were not as comfortable as they are in most every case when they see Samson, who is one of the store’s mascots. But again, Stella pulled her own weight, warming up to customers and melting my friend’s heart from the very first day that we visited.

During my most recent adventure, my good friends and I, as well as Stella and Samson, all went for a three-day vacation to a friend’s home in Calistoga. We started out on a Tuesday morning, all packed into my PT Cruiser, with Stella putting a heavy lean on one of my friends and stretched out across another in the back seat, all quite comfortable.

After lunch we switched drivers, and I took over as official headrest for the girl.

When we arrived at our destination, Stella would have nothing to do with the backyard, which adjoins a vineyard, has a huge deck, lush gardens, and outdoor kitchen and pool. I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t enjoy the freedom and beauty of being in such a place, but she did frequent the yard to use as her bathroom (thank God). She’s been very good about waiting until she’s outside.

Stella did, however, manage to have a good time, because she got plenty of hugs and treats, especially from my friend’s 11-year-old son. She appears to be an excellent pet for children.

Even I cuddled up with Ms. Stella for a hug on the sofa in the afternoon and found myself waking over an hour later with her still in my arms.

Upon our return home, while pulling into the garage, I noticed both dogs getting excited in the backseat. After opening the door to the lobby of our building in which we live, both Stella and Samson ran up the stairs like two children running to the tree on Christmas morning. Stella was home. It was then that I truly felt in my heart that Stella the pit bull is and always will remain a big part of my life.

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