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Christmas Walk at Fort Funston

Christmas Walk at Fort Funston

On Christmas Eve some of us got together for a walk at the beach!

We had the best time at Fort Funston, couldn’t count all the Muttville dogs and adopters, foster families and volunteers. Maybe about 50 dogs, and 50 people, a rowdy mob we were!

Sunny beautiful day for a beach stroll, happy holidays from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue!

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Fritz is Home for the Holidays

Fritz is Home for the Holidays

A blog post by our good friend Rita:

When this holiday family photo of Fritz and his new forever family landed in my email inbox, I was reminded of when I first met Fritz almost exactly a year ago.

It was December, and all the regular dog-walking volunteers were gathered at the Muttville house to celebrate the season. Fritz had just arrived at the Muttville house, brought by a transport volunteer a few hours earlier. His first act upon meeting Sherri when she took him into her arms was to bite her in the face. So poor Sherri was playing holiday hostess with a huge swollen lower lip!

As bad as we all felt for Sherri, our hearts broke for sad, stressed-out little Fritz. He had been dumped in a shelter drop box. He was at least nine or ten years old and probably had never received any dental care his entire life—most of his teeth were completely rotten. He also was diagnosed with spondylosis—basically a pinched nerve in his back- that made him yelp with fear and pain whenever he twisted his rear legs the wrong way.

All this added up to a terrified, miserable, lonely dog.

For a long time, Fritz was not an easy dog to care for.

But Muttville saw through his fear and his pain, gradually acclimating him to his new surroundings, getting him medical care, and making sure that he received daily walks, pets, and encouragement to trust the world again.

It seemed like Fritz might have become a Muttville lifer. And he did stay at Muttville for five months. But then amazingly, one day in May, Muttville got a call from a woman who lives in the hills above Napa. She had seen Fritz on the Muttville website, and she just had to have him!!

Regular blog readers will remember that Sherri drove Fritz personally to meet Lucie and Frank on their land overlooking Lake Berryessa. Fritz hit the ground at his new forever home running and never looked back!! Fritz loves his new life, following Lucie from room to room all day. Lucie and Frank are crazy about Fritzie, and he gets to be the littlest prince in a pack of black-and-white fur balls.

Now he’s surrounded by Shelties and a fellow Papillion. The whole crew, aside from Frank and Lucie, of course, from left to right are Lacy, Tula, KD, RedDog, Bonnie, Echo, Fritz and Mr. Chips. All their dogs are rescues and are all 10 to 15 years old.

And there’s Fritz in his mom’s lap licking—not biting—her face. Lucie said he wouldn’t stop kissing her long enough to take their holiday photo!!

Sigh. Fritz is home for the holidays, home for good. That’s why I love Muttville.

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