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Success Story: Wyatt

Success Story: Wyatt

A note about the ease of adopting a senior dog, from one of our fantastic adoptive parents, Jane. She and her husband Richard adopted Wyatt, now known as Charlie.

“We adopted Charlie the Pomeranian at the recommendation of our daughter, who is a Muttville volunteer and lives in San Francisco. Rick flew 2000 miles to visit Lake Tahoe and play golf, intending to bring Charlie home on the plane after a week-long visit.

Charlie is a 6 pound, bundle of energy – a senior dog who is full of life and a delight to be around. People frequently think he is a puppy but he is really a very seasoned dog who happens to be both well-trained and missing more than few teeth!

He was rescued by someone from the side of the highway, completely matted and covered in fleas, burrs and a big scab on his leg. After Muttville’s veterinary volunteers shaved him, gave him a bath & some medicine, he looked like his usual handsome self.

Charlie loves his walks and was already completely house-trained. He gets along well with other dogs of all sizes, cats, people and children. He even marched in “Pooches On Parade” on the Fourth of July in Half Moon Bay, California while wearing a patriotic, red bandana. Charlie enjoyed his week at Lake Tahoe and took lots of short hikes with our daughter’s two dogs.

On the plane, Charlie slept the whole way to Cleveland. The sedative the veterinarian prescribed conked him out until the end of the flight when Rick unzipped the Sherpa bag and Charlie popped his little head out of the bag and refused to put it back inside! Rick carefully zipped the bag around Charlie’s head and carried him off the plane. (Rick was afraid to push him back into the bag because Charlie is so small.)

Upon arrival at his new home, Charlie immediately inspected the fenced back yard and urinated on every bit of shrubbery. After a bit of aloof behavior, Charlie and the youngest cat are romping and playing together. They are approximately the same size and enjoy playing games.

Charlie sleeps on the foot of the bed and has an upholstered footstool to help him jump up and down off the bed. He plays fetch with a small, plush bumblebee toy with a squeaker inside.

Charlie is settling into his new life in the Midwest. He rides well in the car and goes almost everywhere with us. Recently, he was the only dog at a human birthday party near Lake Erie. Truly, this dog was born to be a Clevelander!”

AliG | 07.23.10 | 1 comment

Success Story: Big Boy and Andrzej

About 2 years ago, Andrzej was referred to Muttville from SF’s Trauma Recovery Center. He adopted Big Boy, a scruffy terrier mix that was a very sad and traumatized little guy.

It was a match made in heaven. Big Boy was so sad, his papa had died and he really needed one-on-one love. Andrzej also needed one-on-one love. They are inseparable today.

Big Boy is a large part of Andrzej’s therapy, but I am not sure who saved who.

sherri | 07.21.10 | 1 comment

Muttville thanks the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Muttville thanks the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

A blog post from a wonderful friend of Muttville, Rita Long:

What better time could be had in the summer in the City than to scoot on down to the Eagle when the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (http://thesisters.org/) are throwing a beer bash?

Muttville rescue mom, Butch Young, pictured here with Sister Shelby Redeemed, was on hand for all of the leather-clad beer-soaked celebration this Sunday. Muttville was the proud recipient of a $300 grant to help with the costs of rescuing one of our senior mutts. To all of the Sisters: for your fierce generosity and commitment to supporting our community, Muttville says "thank you"!!!

AliG | 07.20.10 | 1 comment

Muttville's founder to receive the prestigious Jefferson Award!

Muttville's founder to receive the prestigious Jefferson Award!

We have wonderful news: Sherri Franklin, founder of Muttville, has been awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award for Public Service. The award is given to people who do outstanding good work and inspire others to do the same.

From their website: “From the beginning, the Jefferson Awards has been based on a simple idea. One of the most powerful ideas in the world. One person can make a difference. That is the heart of democracy at work.”

And Sherri has been recognized as one of those people.
Congratulations – you deserve that and more! And thanks to everybody who helps Sherri change the lives of senior dogs…and the way the world thinks about them.

Sponsored by the national Jefferson Awards organization with media partners KCBS and CBS5, you can see and hear about Sherri’s award here:

On CBS5 television:
Wednesday, July 21, at 6PM on Eyewitness News
Thursday, July 22, at noon on Eyewitness News
Saturday, July 24 on CBS Early Edition (times vary, check listings)

On KCBS Radio 740 AM and 106.9 FM:
Wednesday, July 21 at 6:50 pm, 9:40 PM, 11:50 PM
Sunday, July 25 at 11:50 AM, 3:50 PM

Here's the video from CBS5:


jane | 07.15.10 | 3 comments

Saying Good-bye to my Lollipop

Saying Good-bye to my Lollipop

Sunday morning after our very successful Moolah for Mutts fundraiser I wanted to thank all our supporters, donors and sponsors for being so generous and spirited, and for making the event so much fun.
I actually awoke earlier than usual and went to check in on my girl, my soulmate,
Lolli, she was pushing 18 years old, 50 pounds-but going strong.
To my surprise, Lolli was having a massive seizure, it lasted about 10 minutes.
I held her close and made sure everything was very soft around her. She never came back fully. Lollipop passed peacefully in my arms Sunday morning. We always had an agreement that I would not let her suffer. I think she let me know- in that way of communication you have with someone you have spent 15 years with.
Anyone that has been to the Muttville HQ’s knew and loved Lollipop, she was the beginning of my rescue life, she was patient and put up with the changing doggie personalities that she would have to share “mom” with. In fact she has had to share me with over 550 dogs through the years!
Lolli came to me from the SFSPCA when she was 2 years old, she was the most athletic, outgoing girl. She was a challenge, ripped up any books that were left out, growled and told off dogs that got in her face, but she was her own girl, and mine of course. She refused to sleep anywhere but right next to me from day 1. Loved to swim, hike, run on the beach. Her last week she played at the park and barked at a dog that got in her face!! I will miss my girl.
Say a prayer, light a candle and hug your dogs….for Lolli poppy-seed-cake

sherri | 07.14.10 | 7 comments

Moolah for Mutts Madness! (in a good way)

Moolah for Mutts Madness! (in a good way)

We’ve swept up the last cracker crumb and recycled the last Lagunitas bottle, and we just want to tell you that our second annual Moolah for Mutts fundraiser was fantastic. What a great turnout and a wonderful bunch of people. Our sponsors, donors, volunteers and other supporters turned this into a great night for us – more soon. Meantime, here are a few pics (opens in a new window):


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Pooches on Parade

Pooches on Parade

Today we drove down with some adoptable senior pups for a parade in Half Moon Bay, California. It was great – I got chills hearing calls from the sidelines when we walked passed. Everyone seemed to know us and be cheering us on. What a good feeling! Thank you to the volunteers who joined us and to the good dogs who stayed by our side for the parade.

AliG | 07.04.10 | 0 comments