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Muttville mutts wowed the crowd at Gay Pride 2010

From super-volunteer Marie:

Muttville had so much fun marching in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2010 today. We were proud to show our support, and we thank our volunteers who joined us in the march, as well as our supporters who cheered us on throughout the parade.

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Mr. Bumps Goes to Victoria

Mr. Bumps Goes to Victoria

A blog post by one of favorite adoptees, Claire, who adopted Cocobear (http://www.muttville.org/mutt/cocobear). When Cocobear came to Muttville, we removed his infected eye, and since being adopted he has had his other eye removed – but he doesn’t love life any less!

“Cocobear is my real name (aka 229) but I do bump into lots of things these days because I keep my nose to the ground.

My very first ferry boat trip was to Victoria, BC. In the photo I’m at Butchart Gardens where it didn’t smell very good to me at all, except there were lots and lots of smelly people and I got lots of pats. I also bumped my wet, brown nose into the back of the legs of some very startled bipeds.

They loved me at Admiral’s Walk Canadian Tire Store. They gave me tidbits to munch and I even had a clerk to take my leash while my sidekick shopped. (Sidekick and I now have matching blue eyes. My open eye is blue – but is just a rubber ball.)

Woofs-a-bunch! This was doggie heaven. They sell Poopy Sacs with parfum de vanille and I hear that a rescue group went down to CA to save some of my relatives in a puppy mill. In the pet section at Thrifty Markets, they have a a fridge with fresh dog food. Full yips to Thrifty!

Downtown at the Victoria/Port Angeles ferry terminal was good. One took a video of me with his girlfriend but a man from Texas had a hook for a hand and didn’t give me pats. I scored with a custom agent who I knocked over on her back with my happy greeting.”

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Appreciating All The Lives We Cross

Appreciating All The Lives We Cross

A blog post by our all-star volunteer, Marie:

Walking Muttville dogs Chloe, Collette, Waldo and Frankie in Glen Park, Muttville volunteer, Patty, and I came across an injured blue jay. She let me pick her up and she cuddled in my hand. She looked injured in one of her wings. We named her Twitter.

True, I have no idea how to care for birds, and I have never had one as a pet. But loving and caring for a life, no matter how long or short, this is something I do know. How lucky for this little fledgling to be found by 2 Muttville volunteers, I thought. But really, the fortune was all ours.

This beautiful bird was cradled in my hand. I could admire its beauty up close! Who has ever seen beauty this close of a wild creature? I felt so honored. Her blue was so beautiful. My favorite color. Reminded me when I used to have the same deep blue streaked in my hair years ago. And she was the same blue as the charm I’ve been wearing for years. Looking at her in the same hand where I have a little blue bird tattooed on my ring finger, quite surreal.

She knew I was going to care for her, I could tell. And when she passed away the following day, she was so peaceful and happy and relaxed. She was laying in my hand. She let me pet her head, and she showed that she loved it. She tucked her little face in my palm. She did! Before she went, she lifted her head, looked all around, and then her eyes stared into mine. Then she gently nestled her head again in my palm and closed her eyes.

AliG | 06.21.10 | 2 comments

Mill Valley adoption event was a huge success today!

Mill Valley adoption event was a huge success today!

We packed up the dogs and headed to Marin today where we had a crowd there just waiting to meet our senior doggies!
Our mutts love it out there and some of them got to stay!
Sweetest little Olive went home with Donna, who has adopted 2 other Muttville dogs in the past, so Olive will be living with Teddy and Olliver. What a great Mutt Mom Donna is!!
Kaya found her new home – we brought her especially to meet Kay and Danny. It was love at first sight, and poor Kaya, a completely neglected little husky mix, will now get all the love she has never known…till now.
Peter aka Stella also found her new family today!! Peter/Stella never even made it to the website, and we are thrilled.
Rusty may be going home with a new friend that visited us today, too.
It means so much to us at Muttville when we get to see our dogs get adopted into loving homes….
Getting these dogs adopted opens up new spaces for us to save even more.
We will all have sweet dreams tonight.

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A hot day at the park with Bailey, Lucy, Buffy and Corey

A hot day at the park with Bailey, Lucy, Buffy and Corey

We had crazy record temps in SF, but it didn’t stop this fab four from hitting the park-check out our youtube link- and crazy Corey, the youngest of the bunch, took off on his own adventure! You may notice Corey’s walk is gimpy – he was raised in a small wire cage and his back legs grew in deformed because he was unable to stretch them out. But as you can see, he is unaware of his so-called limitation….and enjoyed the freedom of running at the park. He’s from Korea, and he had never even seen a park before! Just in case you don’t know, Corey is looking for a home….

Corey's adventure on YouTube

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Do you all remember Sugar?

Sugar was adopted and renamed Rocky. His mom loves Muttville and spends a lot of time with us. This week, instead of fostering, I am dogsitting Rocky at my house while his mom is out town.

I am so lucky to have this guy with me. A lot of dogs come through my apartment, and lot of them are depressed. This dog is the opposite – he is the funniest, happiest, go-gettin-est dog of all. We walked around San Francisco today, up to Bernal Hill, and I took this picture with my phone. It’s hard to convey in the photo, but I want you all to know that this guy screams “HAPPINESS”. He has dry-eye, no teeth, and he’s old – but he is great. What a senior!

AliG | 06.07.10 | 1 comment

Waldo's Funny Mug Attracts Artist/Actor Michael Horse

Waldo's Funny Mug Attracts Artist/Actor Michael Horse

From Foster Mom, Marie:

I was walking my Muttville mutts Collette and Waldo this morning and as we usually do we end up at Farley’s for coffee and hang out on the sidewalk with our other dog-owning neighbors.

With Waldo perched on my lap, a friendly Native American gentleman walked by, then stopped suddenly and stared into the eyes of little Waldo. It was kinda funny! And then he speaks and says, “Your dog is telling me that he wants you to find him a new toy.”

This kind and friendly man said he used to live in our lovely Potrero Hill neighborhood and also happened to mention that he has an exhibit starting today at the DeYoung Museum! In addition to being a successful artist, Michael Horse is also known for his role as Deputy Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill in David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”.

I’ve been making fun of Waldo’s funny mug since he came to stay with me on Monday. His adorable face is already attracting stars, and surely will attract his forever home in no time, we hope!!

AliG | 06.02.10 | 7 comments

Success Story: Fritz

Success Story: Fritz

When Fritz first arrived at Muttville HQ he was so fearful that he hid in a corner for 2 weeks, trying to touch him was a challenge! I think he finally started to feel safe enough to join in the routine, the other dogs taught him that this was an OK place. We took him to the vet and found he has an untreatable spinal problem called spondylosis, his back hurt so we started him on some pain meds and a good diet with supplements to help his joints.

He stayed with us for 5 months, during that time I was sure he was to stay here forever because of his fear issues. Then the call came! A wonderful couple wanted to meet him and they were sure he would fit in with their pack. When I arrived at their home near Lake Berryessa I was greeted by 6 black and white dogs, all wagging their tails and waiting to meet Fritz! Wow. I wanted to live there. Trees, grass, a view! Fritz jumped out of the car and ran in and he never looked back, I cried out of pure joy for this little dog that had had such a rough life. After one day I got the first email from Fritz’s new mom. Here it is!

Dear Sherri,

Good News, Fritz is happy, happy, happy. He sat in his little bed in the kitchen and watched us cook and eat dinner. He was cute as Pie ! He loves the other dogs and they totally accept him. Later in the evening we went up stairs to watch TV. I put a pillow on the floor and laid down, he climbed onto the pillow and snuggled with me. At bed time Frank and I fluffed up about 4 sheets and put them on our bed. He climbed in and re-arranged all the sheets until he made a big fluffy hole, then climbed in and went to sleep all night. This morning Frank had a big dirt bike ride scheduled so we were up at 5am. I love mornings, everyone is warm and we always say “goodmorning” to everyone, lots of hugs. The dogs love it. Fritz joined in, he got out of bed and was thrilled to see all of his friends, and wagged his tail every time I said Goodmorning! Then we all went down the stairs into the back yard and Fritz was thrilled, he went potty and ran around and played in the grass and enjoyed all the trees. Then it was back into the kitchen. While I was packing for Frank’s trip, all of the dogs were with me and Fritz was right there, wagging his tail the whole time. He looks like he is at Summer Camp and having the time of his life ! He loved his dinner last night and his breakfast this morning and ate everything. Right now, there are 5 dogs in the computer room with he and Fritz is right here too! He is darling, I love him and he is truly happy here. When you first drove away, he went to the gate and barked at you like, “don’t leave me”. It broke my heart, I always feel so sorry for dogs because of the changes they have to go through. But as soon as you were out of sight, he was right back into the backyard and happy as could be. He follows us everywhere. We put his little bed by the glass doors in the kitchen, he loves that. He sits in there and watches all of the humming birds flying around the sugar water. I have been taking pictures of all of this, but this morning, right after Frank left I realized that he took my camera. When he gets home tonight, I will be sure to take some more pictures and send you lots. You will see how happy Fritz is. It’s a match made in heaven, I think Fritz is home. He will go to the vet sooner, rather than later. I am worried about the smell in his mouth, pretty sure he will need to be scheduled for some extractions. So we’ll probably plan a full anesthesia to clean and remove teeth, remove the bump between his eyes and the lump on his tummy. Then he will be good as new! and will probably feel lots better too!. He loves when I rub his chest and he lets me pick him up, no problem. Everything is good, this was the right decision for you and me and Fritz. Thank You again ! Lucie

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