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Our friend at Pet Nutrisystems

Our friend at Pet Nutrisystems

Our new friend and Muttville supporter, Lee Ann Cox, who owns Pet Nutrisystems, has been helping foster Mom, Marie, find natural holistic treatments for her fospice (foster/hospice) dog, Collette who is fighting a mast-cell tumor.

She wrote us a wonderful blog about how she came to specialize in cancer fighting supplements for pets and why she has found a new passion to support our senior dogs.

“Inspiration often comes from the things we love. In October 2005, our cat Jock was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Our vet told us pets typically live an average of 6-12 months at his stage in the disease and there wasn’t much to be done except put him on a low protein diet.

“Being well versed in diet and nutrition, this just didn’t sound right, so we started doing some research. It soon became apparent that there was a lot of erroneous thinking out there. First of all, the protocol of a low protein diet was being questioned. In addition, studies (some recent, some not so recent) showed that a variety of nutritional supplements held promise in helping slow the progression of kidney disease.

“Little by little we pieced the information together and started Jock on these new protocols – and it worked! He stopped losing weight, showed renewed energy and had a healthier coat. Over 4 years later, the results speak for themselves. Today at age 18, Jock still eats a high quality, high protein diet. He has not had to resort to subcutaneous fluids and he looks and feels great. Is his kidney disease cured? No, that’s not possible, but he is living a longer, healthier, happier life than would have otherwise been achievable.

“So, that is how a cat inspired a company. And the more we shared our story, the more we heard others talk about their frustration when it came to dealing with their pet’s health issues. Many felt in the dark about everything from diagnosis to treatment options. Most were overwhelmed with how high their veterinary bills could be and almost everyone felt they had little control over their pet’s health.

“On the other hand, our research showed that there were also some success stories out there. People like Cyndi Smasal and her dog Norman who successfully fought the battle against liver disease and the 911 rescue dogs who used K-9 Immunity to maintain longevity and quality of life with cancer, are just a few examples of how nutrition and lifestyle can make all the difference.

“We give an overview of each condition, suggest a multi-step wellness plan and put everything together in convenient kits. Our kits contain the vital nutritional supplements and dietary suggestions along with guides and easy to understand instructions to help you and your pet effectively deal with the condition…

“Recently we became acquainted with Muttville, and the organization touched our hearts. Some of the rescue dogs at Muttville are not only senior, but they have health problems too. We wanted to do everything we could to help the dogs so we are launching a two pronged effort: we are helping get the word out about the work and mission of Muttville and we are assisting Muttville in securing the supplements they need. Pet Nutrisystems is proud to stand along side Muttville to help these dogs that might otherwise fall through the cracks. Our hats are off to Muttville for the tremendous job they do!”

Thank you Lee Ann! We are hopeful that Collette will be one of yours and our many success stories!

AliG | 03.29.10 | 1 comment

Dog Tired

Dog Tired

Oh man! We had such a great weekend! We had the first of what we plan to be an ongoing adoption event/love-fest in Mill Valley – we were welcomed with open arms and embraced and it was warm and fuzzy. We had some serious interest in our dogs, great donations and sold a bunch of Muttville merchandise.

After spending hours on my feet in Mill Valley, I could barely take another day of it, and at our adoption event in Colma at Petco today I was found on the dog beds, resting myself. Here I am, conked out.

Muttville is run by volunteers – did you know that? To keep this going and for me to be able to get some sleep, we need dedicated volunteers who can help us instill game-plans that can make it all run smoother. We need experienced office staff willing to do an overhaul, seasoned retail leaders who can give guidance regarding our merchandise, and professional organizers to make sense of the piles of leashes and collars we have in boxes. Do you have serious experience? You can do it. Fill out a volunteer application on our website and tell us where you shine – there’s some stars out there and I know it. And we need them now.

AliG | 03.21.10 | 2 comments

For All You Geronimo Fans..

For All You Geronimo Fans..

Happy-go-lucky Geronimo, who was a 10 year old blind Cocker Spaniel found wandering the streets of San Jose, was our little celebrity during his 6 months with Muttville, and he attracted quite a few fans! Many of you have asked us how he is doing. Here is an update straight from his mom, Diane:

“Geronimo joined our family in January 2010. We were to be his new “foster” family, after he spent more than six months with Muttville, and having just returned from a short stint in Sacramento. After having Geronimo stay with us for two weeks, my family and I decided to make our home Geronimo’s forever home. He certainly loves it here! He’s already a regular at our neighborhood dog spa and he LOVES hanging out in the kitchen when dinner is cooking. My (almost 5 year old) daughter adores him, and he makes it clear that the feeling is mutual. Our other two mutts have let him join the pack, and our newest feline member of the family has discovered that he has a friend in ‘G-Mo’.
Okay, so his snoring does get loud at times, but his easygoing personality and charming mannerisms more than make up for the snoring. Geronimo gets lots of love and he seems to be really enjoying his life.”

AliG | 03.20.10 | 3 comments

Sunday Streets

Sunday Streets

We had an awesome time at Sunday Streets here in San Francisco. The weather smiled upon us – and little Kitty here smiled right back. I worried about her – she was panting from time to time so I kept moving her to the shade, but she would leap right back to her sun-spot. Bless her little heart!

We had a ton of dogs and a ton of traffic – it was like a petting zoo! Just a constant flow of little children and our little dogs. Thank you Sunday Streets for having us. We’re very grateful to have been a featured dog rescue organization.

But back to Kitty – how has she not been adopted yet? Please tell your friends about Kitty – http://www.muttville.org/mutt/kitty

AliG | 03.16.10 | 0 comments

Thanks to The GoGo's Jane Wiedlin and Gina Schock for a fab fundraiser!

Thanks to The GoGo's Jane Wiedlin and Gina Schock for a fab fundraiser!

Monday Night’s Muttville fundraiser at The Mix was a huge success!
Drag Queens, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Muttville’s great volunteers and supporters all having a blast, we raised $4500 for our wonderful senior dogs!
What a great way to start off the week!
Check us out for Sunday Streets, we will be near the South Beach Park with all the cutest pooches ever!

sherri | 03.10.10 | 0 comments

What a weekend! Kiehl's event, we were on TV! Adoptions galore!

What a weekend! Kiehl's event, we were on TV! Adoptions galore!

Muttville had such a wonderful weekend.

Our volunteers had a blast at Kiehl’s on Saturday. Many people came to meet our dogs and we got some excellent donations there and a $500 check from Kiehl’s, too.

Then on Sunday we were in Walnut Creek and 6 dogs got adopted, including our wonderful duo, Keeva and Portia, Mimi, Jesse, Hootie and Oscar.

And we also rescued some new great dogs that were in danger of euthanasia – 2 chiweenies, a westie, 2 pomeranians, a shepherd mix and a teeny chihuahua.

This is what Muttville is all about, get these sweeties new homes and make some room for the newbies.

Happy Spring!

sherri | 03.08.10 | 1 comment

We won Bay Woof's "Beast of the Bay" award for Best Rescue and Best Canine Cause

We won Bay Woof's "Beast of the Bay" award for Best Rescue and Best Canine Cause

Muttville is so honored to win these great awards. Check it out at Bay Woof.

We have been working so hard to save as many senior dogs as we can. Our great volunteers take care of the dogs and we have so many wonderful foster homes. The message is getting out, senior dogs make great companions and they need our help!! There is a huge need out there for our services right now.

Come to our adoption events this weekend: Saturday at Khiels in SF, Sunday at Pet Food Express in Walnut Creek.

And our blow out party at the Mix in SF on Monday, the grand finale of “Do or Die Mondays”, with The GoGos judging a fab drag contest benefiting Muttville!

sherri | 03.04.10 | 0 comments